Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Private Science Revolution

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Gerald H Pollack photo

Lately the world has begun to undergo radical changes, and revolution is breaking out everywhere. One of those revolutions was started by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, PhD., who founded The Institute for Venture Science. The Institute For Venture Science is a revolutionary leap in scientific funding which promises innovation, adventure, and excitement. IVS is a [...]

A Doctor Who Makes House Calls

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Dr Dibble photo

Most people complain that they can't even get their doctor to listen to them, (and indeed the studies show that that a patient speaks less than 12 seconds before they are interrupted by their doctor), much less get them to give them their cell phone number, see you on a Saturday, accept an emergency appointment, [...]

Sheriff Mack Defends RealGoodNews Publisher

– Posted in: Legal/Political
sherif fmack 2 photo

RealGoodNews would like to thank Sheriff Richard Mack for his friendship, help, and sworn statement in the police gang-stalking case of our publisher, CSPOA's 2012 Citizen of The Year, and Honorary Sheriff Deputy, Nannette Carley. The case, which began back in 2008 when Nannette moved to Tomball, Texas, was investigated by The U.S.Observer, and reported [...]

Conspiracists Proven More Sane Than “Conventionalists”

– Posted in: Global
Glen Beck never been called a conspiracy theorist true photo

Almost everyone has known, or at least known of, a "crazy conspiracy theorist", right? Well, recent research is finding that you've known of them because their numbers are growing, and they may not be that crazy after all. The numbers of trained, educated and knowledgeable people who are now subscribing to the so-called "conspiracy theories", [...]

When We Shelter Instead Of Jail The Homeless

– Posted in: Global
Housing First photo alerted us to this story form which details the surprising results being obtained when one city decided to shelter instead of jail the homeless. The article stated: "Salt Lake City crunched the numbers. And the prescription was clear. The city was spending $20,000 per homeless resident per year – funding for policing, arrests, [...]

What Happens When Traffic Lights Are Removed

– Posted in: Global
traffic lights removed photo

In this time of expanding awareness and higher education, many experiments are being conducted into new ways of life and new ways of doing things. Old paradigms are not only being challenged, but being proven wrong, and new solutions are being looked for and found. One surprising example of this is what happened in England [...]

GeoEngineering Watch; They’re Not Just Watching Anymore

– Posted in: Global
Geoengineering watch banner photo has become an authority on the subject of GeoEngineering over the years, but now they are making it easier than ever for you to become personally involved in the solution. GeoEngineering is the modification of our atmosphere through the use of aerosol particulate dispersal, and other means, which have proven to be toxic to [...]

Ditching The Drama

– Posted in: Health/Environment
The Drama Triangle photo

(THE DRAMA TRIANGLE Interpreted, Abbreviated and notated) Drama in one's environment can raise stress levels and lead to unhappiness, poor health, and loss of vibrancy. Stress is a major factor in health and as such, anything which contributes to a stressful environment, should be investigated and understood. The Drama Triangle, is a simple illustration of [...]