Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Lynda Brasier

Dr. Karin Huffer’s Sage Advice On Legal Abuse Syndrome; PTSD

– Posted in: Legal/Political

Dr. Karin Huffer is an internationally recognized author, associate professor in counseling and forensic psychology at King’s International University, a speaker, researcher, and a consultant. She is also the author of the pioneering book entitled, "Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome" or LAS. Her objective is to move the victim beyond his or her [...]

Two New Sub-Atomic Particles Discovered at LHC-CERN

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Cern photo Lynda Brasier

Scientific American has reported new particles found! Science has taken a quantum leap forward with the miraculous discovery of two never before seen particles at CERN, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland. Courageous scientists have boldly journeyed through hazardous experiments to turn physics upon it's head. Known as Xi_b'- and Xi_b*-, (pronounced “zi-b-prime” [...]

Kaziah the Goat Lady; Military Memorial Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
kaziah goat

What an amazing woman! What an incredible talent! What a loving soul! RealGoodNews is proud to introduce you to the one and only, Kaziah May Hancock aka Kaziah the Goat woman. Armed with nothing more than a paintbrush, her oils, and a herd of pregnant goats, this rancher/artist is celebrating the lives of our fallen [...]

Dr. Wendy Ross; Autism Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
Dr. Wendy Ross photo

The friendly skies have gotten a lot friendlier for children with autism and their families – thanks to pediatrician Dr. Wendy Ross. Working valiantly to open up new vistas for her patients and their families she has created a nonprofit organization called Autism Inclusion Resources or AIR. Through teaching others to deal with autism she [...]

Dan Wallrath; Homebuilding Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
Dan Wallrath hero homebuilder photo

Dan Wallrath was just a regular guy, a home builder living in Texas with his wife Carol, until he finally found his true calling; it was then that Dan became a real life hero. Although it was later in life when Dan first helped renovate a home for a wounded, and disabled, Marine; and after [...]