Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Nannette Carley

The Revolution That Is NOT Being Televised

– Posted in: Global
11 11 96 percent fully charged cool or truth photo

With so many inventions and discoveries resurfacing and having a second look, one begins to discover that many of the answers to the questions man seeks answers to have already been discovered, documented, and proven effective. Yeah, it's all out there! There is technology in existence to easily feed and house the world, generate free [...]

What Are Stem Cells Anyway?

– Posted in: Health/Environment
stem cell needle photo

There has been huge debate in the news about stem cells, the president spoke out on the subject, and centers offering stem cell therapy are on the rise, but what are they and what do they do? Well, the short answer is that stem cells are cells that can become and build any kind of [...]

Food Shortage Solution; Honey On Tap

– Posted in: Global
flowhive honey on tap trays photo

We keep telling you this is a revolutionary time and here again is proof in the form of a revolutionary idea in beekeeping. An Australian company has forever changed the way beekeeping will be done. The FlowHive system is more than revolutionary and more than just a solution, it is also a huge time, space, [...]

New Answers to Mental Illness

– Posted in: Health/Environment
man in sunburst photo

Revolutionary new thinking is breaking out in all areas of life right now as we have been reporting, and one of those areas that may be more surprising is the area of mental health. The mental health industry which has historically been plagued by draconian ideas, horrific treatments, and junk science, has finally started to [...]

Sheriff Scott London; American Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
sheriff Scott London ECSO 2 photo

Breaking News - Eddy County, New Mexico - This one comes to us from Ben Swan. In a surprisingly valiant and brave move, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London made history when he became the first Sheriff in at least 25 years, maybe more, reported to stand up to, and physically block the IRS from seizing [...]

The Empowerment Plan

– Posted in: Business/Education
Veronica Scott Empowermment Plan photo

The Empowerment Plan, founded by the beautiful and intelligent 24 year old Veronica Scott, is the kind of visionary project that will change the future of this planet. The organization, which is located in Detroit Michigan, manufactures and distributes convertible sleeping bag coats to the homeless, while providing jobs to those who want to work. [...]

Experimental Living

– Posted in: Health/Environment
tiny cube home

One of the great changes that is going on in the world right now with all the awakening happening everywhere at every level, is a new trend toward "experimental living". Finding new, unconventional, and sometimes very adventurous ways to live. People are looking for answers now to all kinds of problems, and some of those [...]