Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Open Access And The New Education Paradigm

– Posted in: Business/Education
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Bright students have always had problems inside traditional education. Many of them make it through the maze, but almost all of them had difficulties with the insanity of the system itself and all the roadblocks the system itself throws up at one. Many a bright student has been hampered by this archaic system of control of information, forced indoctrination, and profiteering, but those days are soon over.

With Open Access and the internet, the bright are becoming more and more difficult to suppress. Those joining the Open Access revolution are determined to open the annals of education to everyone and evidence of it’s effectiveness is already becoming visible.

With websites like www.Zooniverse.org, www.educationmodeltowns.com, www.public.resource.org, the jailbreak is in progress, but the revolution is not won yet and everyone needs to be informed about Open Access.

The article below is a must read for all parents, educators, and of course, all the bright ones.

While researching for this story, nawe came across this article by Lauren Dobischok, and we wanted to share this particularly delightful piece of her work. This should inspire hope and a bright new future for many…


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