Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Tuition Free Online Education

– Posted in: Business/Education
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With the growth and improvement of internet technologies, Open Access, an army of technical geniuses (mostly volunteers), and a demand by the people for better educations, new online education opportunities are increasing.

One can now obtain Kindergarten-12th grade online, tuition free at www.k12.com. As time passes, new online basic education opportunities will be entering the market as well.

If one is interested in a degree, there are opportunities there also. University of the People, UoPeople, http://uopeople.edu/, offers tuition free, accredited, online degrees in Business Administration or Computer Science. Books and materials are free as well. UoPeople charges small processing fees for application ($10-$50) and examination processing ($100/per end-of-course exam). Some financial aid is available for those who cannot afford the processing and exam fees.

Udemy, www.Udemy.com, boasts classes on “web development, Yoga, guitar lessons, or anything else”. Some classes are free (there are even free computer programming classes) and some are paid, however, the fees seem to be very reasonable.

GLC Learn Free, www.gcflearnfree.org/, offers a range of computer basics, software, reading, math, money basics, and other life skill basics tuition free.

There is also www.public.resource.org, where a wealth of legal and Scholarly data is available to view and learn from.

The Peace Corps offers free online language classes in over 100 languages. The US Foreign Service Institute also offers free online language courses.

By now, if one searches in earnest, one can learn almost anything for free, or at least very cheap, online. If people further support these kinds of efforts and let the government, corporations, and the education system know that they will stand for no less, it won’t be long until ANY education can be obtained free online.

By supporting Open Access, Internet Freedom, and the technical experts and organizations that are bringing these opportunities to us, we can INSURE a brighter future for everyone.

RealGoodNews.com keeps telling it’s readers that it is an amazing time to be alive to witness all of the bright new possibilities the future holds for mankind, and this article is yet another example of just some of those possibilities.

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