Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Little Free Libraries

– Posted in: Business/Education
little free library 2 photo

A new trend has begun called Little Free Libraries. It is a great way to gather the community and share knowledge and creativity, and besides, it's just FUN! The concept started as a tribute to his mother in 2009 by Todd Bol, of Hudson Wisconsin. His mother had been a school teacher so Todd built [...]

The Empowerment Plan

– Posted in: Business/Education
Veronica Scott Empowermment Plan photo

The Empowerment Plan, founded by the beautiful and intelligent 24 year old Veronica Scott, is the kind of visionary project that will change the future of this planet. The organization, which is located in Detroit Michigan, manufactures and distributes convertible sleeping bag coats to the homeless, while providing jobs to those who want to work. [...]

Schools With No Rules

– Posted in: Business/Education
School with no rules principal Bruce McLachlan photo

An amazing trend seems to be taking off, and frankly, it is one I hope continues to grow and inspire. The idea of "Schools Without Rules" has been thoroughly tested and has revealed what will seem to many people to be some very surprising results. Certainly one of the leaders in the revolution is the [...]

Tuition Free Online Education

– Posted in: Business/Education
books and diploma photo

With the growth and improvement of internet technologies, Open Access, an army of technical geniuses (mostly volunteers), and a demand by the people for better educations, new online education opportunities are increasing. One can now obtain Kindergarten-12th grade online, tuition free at As time passes, new online basic education opportunities will be entering the [...]

SumOfUS Changing The World

– Posted in: Business/Education
Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman photo

Many bright young people are doing amazing work in the world right now, and Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman is one such individual. With intelligence, technical know-how, and productive creativity in the direction of solutions to environmental, human rights, and freedom issues, Taren has taken on some of the worlds largest corporations in an attempt to get them [...]

RealGoodNews Appearing On GCN Live

– Posted in: Business/Education
Uncommon Awareness Logo photo will be highlighted on Dr. Lorraine Hurley's nationally syndicated radio show, Uncommon Awareness, on GCNLive, Monday Sept. 8, 2014. Dr. Hurley, a classically trained medical doctor, has put together a great show consisting of a wide variety of topics to empower and enrich the human experience. On Sept. 8, she will be interviewing Nannette [...]

Open Access And The New Education Paradigm

– Posted in: Business/Education
Jack andraka looking through his strip photo

Bright students have always had problems inside traditional education. Many of them make it through the maze, but almost all of them had difficulties with the insanity of the system itself and all the roadblocks the system itself throws up at one. Many a bright student has been hampered by this archaic system of control [...]

Cottage Industries Booming

– Posted in: Business/Education
Woman on loom cottage industry photo

One upside of the down-turned economy is that it has forced some people to make desperate, drastic, and often scary moves which later turn out to be a whole new, and many say much more rewarding, career in the booming market of "cottage industries". There are bakers, brokers, educators, film makers, dieticians, survivalists, healers, farmers, consultants, counselors, [...]

A Very Smart Texas Bank President Posts Gun Sign On Door

– Posted in: Business/Education, Legal/Political
Chapel Hill Bank Gun Sign Photo

Chapel Hill, Tx. - Chapel Hill Bank President Ed Smith posted a Notice on the Door of the Bank stating "Management recognizes the Second Amendment to the Constitution as an unalienable right of all citizens. We therefore support and encourage the carrying of licensed concealed weapons." Smith cited past robberies, his beliefs in personal responsibility, [...]