Saturday, February 24, 2018

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What Awakening Looks Like Around The World

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sunrise for awakening story

We have been reporting since our inception on the great revolution that is sweeping the globe and today we offer an update on the state of the revolution from around the world. There have been many uprisings, peaceful gatherings, new inventions, medical miracles, scientific breakthroughs, new truths revealed, and old paradigms changed; all of which [...]

The End Of Central Banking

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central bankers story photo

There are those who have been screaming about the dangers of the central banking system for literally decades and that scream seems to finally be being heard... Sometimes, in the right situation, the domino effect can be a beautiful thing, and it is certainly starting out that way in Iceland where the central banking cartel [...]

Welcome to Liberland!

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Photo credit: EUObserver

How about this for RealGoodNews - A new country, a seven square kilometre strip of unclaimed land along the Danube, in between Croatia and Serbia, and it will soon be the happiest country in the world! And thousands are already applying to live there. It has its own constitution and Laws. Its philospohpy is summed [...]

The Revolution That Is NOT Being Televised

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11 11 96 percent fully charged cool or truth photo

With so many inventions and discoveries resurfacing and having a second look, one begins to discover that many of the answers to the questions man seeks answers to have already been discovered, documented, and proven effective. Yeah, it's all out there! There is technology in existence to easily feed and house the world, generate free [...]

Food Shortage Solution; Honey On Tap

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flowhive honey on tap trays photo

We keep telling you this is a revolutionary time and here again is proof in the form of a revolutionary idea in beekeeping. An Australian company has forever changed the way beekeeping will be done. The FlowHive system is more than revolutionary and more than just a solution, it is also a huge time, space, [...]

Justice for Lakhi!

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This one comes to us from where Ben Guarino first reported the story. Finally good news for this dear creature. It looks like she will be getting the love she deserves, and she will no longer be forced to beg for money on the streets of Mumbai, India. It can make some weep imagining [...]

Creative Payment For Creators

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patreon logo photo

Have you ever seen someone perform something online that was so cool that you thought, "Wow, I would pay for seeing that, or I would buy that"? Well, now there is a way to do that. You can pay the creators you like when they create. It's called Patreon. Patreon is a new payment platform [...]

Group Power

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group power photo

We keep telling you that revolution is breaking out everywhere and nowhere is it more evident than in the power of groups on the internet who are coming together, forming groups, and going on the move to make their voices heard. These groups are spreading across the internet, and some can attract a good million [...]