Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Conspiracists Proven More Sane Than “Conventionalists”

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Glen Beck never been called a conspiracy theorist true photo

Almost everyone has known, or at least known of, a "crazy conspiracy theorist", right? Well, recent research is finding that you've known of them because their numbers are growing, and they may not be that crazy after all. The numbers of trained, educated and knowledgeable people who are now subscribing to the so-called "conspiracy theories", [...]

When We Shelter Instead Of Jail The Homeless

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Housing First photo

LibertyCrier.com alerted us to this story form AlterNet.org which details the surprising results being obtained when one city decided to shelter instead of jail the homeless. The article stated: "Salt Lake City crunched the numbers. And the prescription was clear. The city was spending $20,000 per homeless resident per year – funding for policing, arrests, [...]

The Life Saving Drinkable Book

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The Drinkable Book photo

Water Is Life, founded by Ken Surritte has come up with many innovations in bringing water to those who need it and the Drinkable Book, WiL's latest innovation, and their filter straw are so exciting, they actually kept me up at night! In investigating WiL, I first came across the Drinkable Book, an incredible innovation [...]

What Happens When Traffic Lights Are Removed

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traffic lights removed photo

In this time of expanding awareness and higher education, many experiments are being conducted into new ways of life and new ways of doing things. Old paradigms are not only being challenged, but being proven wrong, and new solutions are being looked for and found. One surprising example of this is what happened in England [...]

The War On Terror Is A Fraud

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Webster Tarpley 911 Synthetic Terror photo

In his book, 911 Synthetic Terror, Made In USA, Webster G. Tarpley expounds on George Orwell's idea on how "the war on terror is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous." He explains that there is no ACTUAL war on terrorism, only a perception of an enemy to stimulate funding for [...]

GeoEngineering Watch; They’re Not Just Watching Anymore

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Geoengineering watch banner photo

GeoEngineeringWatch.org has become an authority on the subject of GeoEngineering over the years, but now they are making it easier than ever for you to become personally involved in the solution. GeoEngineering is the modification of our atmosphere through the use of aerosol particulate dispersal, and other means, which have proven to be toxic to [...]

Internet Heroes Do It Again; Net Neutrality Restored

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don't break the net sign photo

Thanks to DemandProgress.org, SumOfUs.org, VideoCreatorsForNetNeutrality, PublicKnowledge.org, openmedia.org, Reddit, BattleForTheNet.com, and many, many others Net Neutrality has been restored. If you have fast, reliable internet service, you can thank these guys and the many others who worked on this very important project. This is only a first step as the FCC has wrangled itself more power, [...]

Secure Communications For Journalists and Their Sources

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SecureDrop Logo photo

Whistleblowers, heroes of our society, have had trouble in the past of all sorts, and one of those troubles was finding secure communication lines, that is until some extremely intelligent computer experts and activists came up with a solution. The solution was SecureDrop. SecureDrop is an open-source software platform for secure communication between journalists and [...]