Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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A Doctor Who Makes House Calls

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Dr Dibble photo

Most people complain that they can't even get their doctor to listen to them, (and indeed the studies show that that a patient speaks less than 12 seconds before they are interrupted by their doctor), much less get them to give them their cell phone number, see you on a Saturday, accept an emergency appointment, [...]

Think Before You Pink Anti-Pinkwashing Campaign Favors Action Over Distraction

– Posted in: Health/Environment
think before you pink logo photo

Think Before You Pink, the slogan of BreastCancerAction.org's, anti-pinkwashing campaign, is very wise advise indeed. I am always outraged when I am harassed at a checkout stand, or when purchasing something over the phone, to donate to Susan G. Komen and her fake breast cancer business. It angers and saddens me that so many breast [...]

Ditching The Drama

– Posted in: Health/Environment
The Drama Triangle photo

(THE DRAMA TRIANGLE Interpreted, Abbreviated and notated) Drama in one's environment can raise stress levels and lead to unhappiness, poor health, and loss of vibrancy. Stress is a major factor in health and as such, anything which contributes to a stressful environment, should be investigated and understood. The Drama Triangle, is a simple illustration of [...]

Regrowing Limbs With ExtraCellular Matrix

– Posted in: Health/Environment
ExtraCellular Matrix fingertip picture photo

A Pennsylvania lab has begun running clinical trials on injured veterans using a powder that if sprinkled on a severed limb, can almost magically cause the limb to regrow just as if it was never severed. The late Dr. Alan Spievack and Dr. Stephen Badylak developed the use of the substance called "ExtraCellular Matrix", which [...]

Miracle Cure For Addiction, Depression, PTSD, And Chronic Illness

– Posted in: Health/Environment
IV Therapy photo

Recently, an old therapy has been making some new buzz. It promises to cure addictions, depression, PTSD, and chronic illnesses; slow or improve Alzheimer's, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, AND it promises to reverse aging too! Dr. Abram Hoffer uses it for Schizophrenia, learning and behavioral disorders, anxiety, Arthritis, juvenile diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, and [...]

Really Wild Food

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Edible Wild Food Logo photo

I once saw a woman on TV go out and forage a salad up out of the back yard and I thought it was great. The idea of getting healthy, fresh, nutritious food, grown by nature itself, that tastes great and is readily available was incredibly intriguing. It reminded me of my youth living in [...]

Teenager Discovers Early Cancer Screening Test

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Jack andraka with nanostrip photo

With the advent of Open Access and Jack Andraka's curious and tech savvy nature, a perfect storm of genius was brewing. Jack, perusing through scholarly journals made available through Open Access, happened upon some information that would change his life and the lives of countless millions of people. That's because Jack, who was only 14 [...]

7 Year Old Surgeon

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Dr. Akrit Jaswal photo

The story of Dr. Akrit Jaswal is an amazing one indeed. One can see this poor child struggle to deal with the adult ignorance all around him and he does so with such beautiful grace. They say, and I suppose it is true, that when Texans say "Bless your heart", they are calling you an [...]

CBD’s Saving Lives

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Child CBD patient photo

Recent legislation in several states is now leading to thousands of children's lives being saved, by being able to get the natural medicine, in fact, the only medicine that will help them. CBD's are highly effective at stopping seizures of all types almost instantly, even in the worst cases. Many children and adults are finding [...]

Oil Eating Bacteria Can Clean Up Spills

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Oil Eating Bacteria ocean photo

Oil eating bacteria promise to be the future of oil clean up and spill remediation. The bacteria thrive on crude and have proven to be an effective means of clean up. They are safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. The really great news is that there is not just one, but several different species that can [...]