Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Unlikely Hero Walks To Help Children

– Posted in: Heroes
why project Loy Bost story photo

“There is so much suffering in the world, but I’m only one person; what can I do about it?” For many, this is a comforting excuse to do nothing, but for one hero it became a personal challenge. This normally shy inner voice became a bold command to one man, and thus began the journey [...]

Kaziah the Goat Lady; Military Memorial Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
kaziah goat

What an amazing woman! What an incredible talent! What a loving soul! RealGoodNews is proud to introduce you to the one and only, Kaziah May Hancock aka Kaziah the Goat woman. Armed with nothing more than a paintbrush, her oils, and a herd of pregnant goats, this rancher/artist is celebrating the lives of our fallen [...]

Memories of Mayberry

– Posted in: Heroes
Andy Griffith

Now here's a story about our bravest and finest in one of those truly awesome "finest" moments. This story will warm your heart, and give you visions of Mayberry that would even make Andy Griffith proud. While people in the Northern states are shaking their fist at the weather man when he tells them that [...]

Dr. Wendy Ross; Autism Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
Dr. Wendy Ross photo

The friendly skies have gotten a lot friendlier for children with autism and their families – thanks to pediatrician Dr. Wendy Ross. Working valiantly to open up new vistas for her patients and their families she has created a nonprofit organization called Autism Inclusion Resources or AIR. Through teaching others to deal with autism she [...]

Sheriff Scott London; American Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
sheriff Scott London ECSO 2 photo

Breaking News - Eddy County, New Mexico - This one comes to us from Ben Swan. In a surprisingly valiant and brave move, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London made history when he became the first Sheriff in at least 25 years, maybe more, reported to stand up to, and physically block the IRS from seizing [...]

Dan Wallrath; Homebuilding Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
Dan Wallrath hero homebuilder photo

Dan Wallrath was just a regular guy, a home builder living in Texas with his wife Carol, until he finally found his true calling; it was then that Dan became a real life hero. Although it was later in life when Dan first helped renovate a home for a wounded, and disabled, Marine; and after [...]

Mark Schmidter Everyday Hero For Truth And Justice

– Posted in: Heroes
mark schmidter fb photo

Mark Schmidter is just a "regular guy" we met on Facebook, who may save a life on any given Monday. That's because every Monday for the last 2 years Mark has gathered a group of loyal, freedom loving friends and headed off to Florida's Seminole County Courthouse (Criminal Justice Center) steps, where they hand out [...]

Ladar Levison, Freedom Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
Ladar Levison photo

Ladar Levison, founder, owner, and operator of Lavabit email service decided it would be better to give up his business, shut the doors and walked away, than to give the government unrestricted access to his network and his customers emails, and that's just what he did. In August 2013, Mr. Levison closed the doors on [...]