Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Making A Difference, One Little Dress At A Time

– Posted in: Heroes
99 year old Lilian Weber has sewn hundreds of little dresses

Founded in 2008 by Rachel O'Neill, Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization that supplies dresses primarily for little girls in Africa, but also serves the needs of other areas in crisis as well. It all started when a few ladies who were visiting Africa on a mission trip saw the little girls in [...]


– Posted in: Heroes
BraveHeart Palestinian Girl Photo

These are uniformed Israeli soldiers firing at Palestinian children. This brave girl steps up and puts herself between the soldiers guns and the kids - and stays there jockeying for position in front of the guns. I have no idea who she is, but I wish I knew her. She gives me hope in humanity. [...]

Peace Officers Setting A Good Example

– Posted in: Heroes
How to be a peace Officer photo

The clip below shows some fine examples of our best and bravest, and how they are setting a good example in society. In fact, the Officers do such a fine job of setting a good example, that RealGoodNews thinks this clip and similar clips, should be a mandatory part of Peace Officer training. Perhaps if [...]

Real Life Superheroes

– Posted in: Heroes
Zimmer going up in code phote

Real Life Superheroes are appearing all over the world. Superheroes like Zimmer (picture here) are appearing to serve and protect as well as delight and amaze. The Superheroes do everything from crime fighting, to helping the homeless, aiding those in distress, and even delving into the paranormal realms, just to keep us all safe, everyday. [...]

Daniel Fernandez Humanity Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
daniel fernandez humanitarian hero photo black and white

Statistically, there are way more good people in the world than bad, despite what the lame-stream media would like you to believe. Their sole stock in trade is fear, so they sell it with lies. The truth is that all over the world, there are billions of nice people doing billions of nice things, there are few [...]

Cool Kid Hotwires Truck To Save Fathers Life

– Posted in: Heroes
Child hotwires truck to save dad hero photo

Justin Bowron and his son Michael were traveling on a desolate road over 120 miles away from the nearest doctor when the truck they were in flipped over injuring them both. Justin was pinned down, unable to move, but at least conscious. That's when Michael had to step up. Although he was injured, he managed to [...]

Quiet Heroes Make Information Readily Available

– Posted in: Heroes
brave new books logo page photo

Many books in the United States, and worldwide, have been quietly banned by marginalization, harassment, and other menacing legal strategies against their writers, publishers and sellers, yet one small group of people in a bookstore in Austin Texas have been quietly and actively bringing you this forbidden data since 2006. Brave New Books who claims to have [...]

Hero Activist Honors Son’s Memory By Changing The System

– Posted in: Heroes
Michael M. Bell photo

Victory has been declared by Plea For A Change as Wisconsin passed AB409 into law in April 2014. The new law mandates independent review of police involved shootings by outside departments and law enforcement professionals. This is the first law in the U.S. to force outside investigations of possible Officer involved brutality. The bill was envisioned, funded, and [...]

Intel Specialist Launches Open Source Revolution

– Posted in: Heroes
Robert David Steele CIA Photo

Robert David Steele and his work hold much promise to change the world, mostly due to the intelligence and perseverance of Steele himself, but partly due to the desperate need for his message and work at this time. Some people when faced with stops or blocks in the road, are stopped or blocked, yet others climb to [...]