Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Institute For Justice Files Suit To Stop Illegal Forfeiture Machine

– Posted in: Legal/Political
end forfeiture dot com banner photo

The Institute for Justice has filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia aimed at stopping the out of control, illegal, asset forfeiture machine which has plagued the community. Asset forfeiture is the practice of seizing property suspected of being bought by, or used for with illegal activities, or somehow otherwise connected to criminal activities. The problem is [...]

Naomi Wolf Opening Eyes

– Posted in: Legal/Political
Naomi Wolfe End Of America Movie photo

The value of Naomi Wolf's work cannot be understated. The impact her very thorough analysis of current events proves that if we do not know history, we are doomed to repeat it. Her movie, "The End Of America", gives a pretty startling look at past events and their relationship to current events, and lays bare [...]

Watching The Big Dogs Turn On Each Other

– Posted in: Legal/Political
Perry Lemberg photo

This week was a particularly interesting week in politics for Texans as they had the rare opportunity to watch two of the state's biggest criminal politicians viciously turn on each other causing damage and injury to both in what has to be one of the funniest political attacks in Texas history. First, Travis County D.A. [...]

Activist Attorney Carolyn Barnes Released From Prison

– Posted in: Legal/Political
Carolyn Barnes Photo

Activist Attorney Carolyn Barnes was released from prison Monday after a four year ordeal and three years of incarceration courtesy of the corrupt judicial system of Williamson County Texas. Her only crime was defending freedom and exposing corruption. Barnes' ordeal which illegally landed her in the State Mental Institution for two years and State Prison [...]