Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Two New Sub-Atomic Particles Discovered at LHC-CERN

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Cern photo Lynda Brasier

Scientific American has reported new particles found! Science has taken a quantum leap forward with the miraculous discovery of two never before seen particles at CERN, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland. Courageous scientists have boldly journeyed through hazardous experiments to turn physics upon it's head. Known as Xi_b'- and Xi_b*-, (pronounced “zi-b-prime” [...]

Positive Technology – Hope for the Future

– Posted in: Science/Energy

Technology can be seen as a natural outgrowth from Mother Nature. It has much potential to do good things. Buckminster-Fuller is right, we do have the means now to alleviate suffering on a major scale. Standing in the way is war, fear, mistrust and doubt. These are only self perpetuating emotional reactions, that one can [...]

Private Science Revolution

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Gerald H Pollack photo

Lately the world has begun to undergo radical changes, and revolution is breaking out everywhere. One of those revolutions was started by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, PhD., who founded The Institute for Venture Science. The Institute For Venture Science is a revolutionary leap in scientific funding which promises innovation, adventure, and excitement. IVS is a [...]

Emoto’s Water Miracles

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Emotos messages from water photo

In our first email announcing this site, we included a statement that RealGoodNews was actually good for you based on the research findings of Japanese Scientist, Masuru Emoto. It was a true statement, and his work is so interesting and important, that we thought it was deserved a full story here. Masuru Emoto began experimenting [...]

YellowCake Anyone?

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Uranium Anyone Photo has found the coolest site EVER! One could spend HOURS just poking around in here, and it comes from one on our favorite people too - the handsome, intelligent, infinitely interesting, Bob Lazar! I knew Lazar was a very cool cat the first time I ever heard about him probably about twenty-five years ago, [...]

3DPrinting A Whole New Future

– Posted in: Science/Energy
3d printed part jay leno photo

3D Printing is an amazing and emerging manufacturing and modeling technology that holds unlimited application and potential. Initially, 3D printers used plastics to reproduce any item placed in it like magic. The printer uses laser scanning technology to map out an item, then the 3D printer prints it. One of the first publicized demonstrations of [...]


– Posted in: Science/Energy
Geckskin samples photo

Inspired by Gecko lizards, GeckSkin is the future of adhesives. Developed at UMass Amherst, GeckSkin is super strong, yet removable and reusable. It's really quite a remarkable, yet simple, discovery. The concept was based on the physiology of the Gecko, when it was discovered that beneath the ridges of the skin of their toe pads, [...]

Zooniverse; A Fun Citizen Science Research Site

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Zooniverse Galaxy photo

Citizen Science is a growing and exciting field at this time. While information is becoming more available through the efforts of Open Access, people of all ages, races, sexes, socio-economic status', and backgrounds are becoming Citizen Scientists and contributing to society as a whole. One site that is contributing to the effort to produce Citizen [...]