Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Food Shortage Solution; Honey On Tap

– Posted in: Global
flowhive honey on tap trays photo

We keep telling you this is a revolutionary time and here again is proof in the form of a revolutionary idea in beekeeping. An Australian company has forever changed the way beekeeping will be done. The FlowHive system is more than revolutionary and more than just a solution, it is also a huge time, space, and mess saver.

This inventive system has literally done away with the way things have been done for thousands of years in beekeeping and begun a whole new era in the industry. With the FlowHive system there is no longer a need to remove the trays, scrape the tops, or spin out the honey. All you have to do is turn the tap and the honey flows right into your container!

A full system will run you about $600.00, but if you already have hives, you can simply buy the trays and other accessories. Sweet honey on tap? Now that’s RealGoodNews!

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