Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Group Power

– Posted in: Global
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We keep telling you that revolution is breaking out everywhere and nowhere is it more evident than in the power of groups on the internet who are coming together, forming groups, and going on the move to make their voices heard.

These groups are spreading across the internet, and some can attract a good million followers across the globe. The International Day of Peace 2014 was an event that drew the support from many people and groups, all across the globe, like Unify, Youth for Peace, and Charter for Compassion. The whole world becomes the group in that respect. The group is spread out amongst those willing participants, from many countries. Next year, with the same drive, even more people will make their voices heard. We are certainly headed to a tipping point, and this is the way to achieve such a thing.

All over the world individual voices are crying out for peace, justice, and equality in an ever growing unison rising to a powerful collective crescendo. It is a voice emerging from many cities, including my own, and heavily infuenced by internet communication, and it – is – powerful!

It seems to be more common amongst alternative thinkers to join such groups as mentioned. It is from that world that change is being brought about. For example, this very website that is RealGoodNews, is certainly a new direction in news media.

A charity, named Playing For Change (PFC) caught my attention last August. In fact, someone posted a video of their performing Redemption Song, a collaboration of many musicians from around the world.

Their message was ‘Positive change through the power of Music’. I liked this enough to look into them further, and more or less decided straight away I was going to participate in their Playing for Change Day, September 21 2014. I organised a simple gig with some of the best local musical talent, and raised a modest amount for the charity, and helped spread the positive message. In the end this day created some 600 gigs/events in over 60 countries. It united the entire globe in that single event.

PFC has created music schools and programs in over seven underserved countries, like Mali, and Nepal, where tuition is free. Some students have never been to a school. The PFC website contains videos showing the positive change it is all making. Check them out, it seems like a very worthy cause!

So we see a situation where larger and larger groups of people, who are generally switched on, awake, and aware, becomes an ever more dominant force to be reckoned with. And these groups are too large to be silenced in any way. It will eventually spell out a loud message that humanity wants, and will get, peace. That message will become loud enough so those in their parliaments cannot miss it.

It should be plain to see that it’s in our own hands to change things, and the change obviously starts with oneself. If we simply turn away from what we don’t want, and turn toward what we do want, everything else would probably be just fine.

Below is a small list of groups that promote peace and justice. At the links there are links to other such groups. Support them, go to an event or even create one on their behalf. Best of all create your own group. Such creators are the light to the fuse, and hundreds of people get blown into the group!

All that most people need is a nudge, and they are all nodding in agreement that things have gone too far and we need to speak out for Peace and Justice. I found this to be true for the night of music I held on behalf of PFC. It attracted around 100 people, all there to add their voice to the push for a better world. That’s one lighter, and 100 fuses lit! This is how it will spread, so keep active. You may light a thousand fuses, or many more!


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