Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Internet Heroes Do It Again; Net Neutrality Restored

– Posted in: Global
don't break the net sign photo

Thanks to DemandProgress.org, SumOfUs.org, VideoCreatorsForNetNeutrality, PublicKnowledge.org, openmedia.org, Reddit, BattleForTheNet.com, and many, many others Net Neutrality has been restored. If you have fast, reliable internet service, you can thank these guys and the many others who worked on this very important project.

This is only a first step as the FCC has wrangled itself more power, and these things always lead to abuse, but there is hope as long as everybody continues to weigh in and get others educated and involved.

If you have not joined these organizations yet, please go sign up and you too can make a difference and keep the internet free and open to everyone.

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