Thursday, July 27, 2017

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The End Of Central Banking

– Posted in: Global
central bankers story photo

There are those who have been screaming about the dangers of the central banking system for literally decades and that scream seems to finally be being heard…

Sometimes, in the right situation, the domino effect can be a beautiful thing, and it is certainly starting out that way in Iceland where the central banking cartel has been shut down and removed. The country is prospering wildly in the face of the changes.

Hungary has also ousted the Central Bankers telling them their “assistance” was no longer needed or wanted. The economically staggering country then quickly experienced what was called a “remarkable turn around”.

This is a watershed moment in world economy and the trend is expected to continue, as other countries scramble to stabilize and prosper the way Iceland and Hungary finally are since ousting the banksters.

It goes even further in that these countries are actually indicting and prosecuting the criminal bankers!

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), have formed an alliance to keep the Central Banksters out and have started their own BRICS Banks, and the Central Banksters are in a panic as their evil monopoly begins to fold and crumble.

BRICS Bank flag photo

There is no need to fear this type of change. The main stream media fearmongers want you to believe that we all have to be dependent on their system and if it falls, there will be a run on the banks, the stock market will crash and we will be in another depression; well, it doesn’t have to be that way and these countries are proving it.

We can rid ourselves of the parasitic bankster fraudsters, and flourish and prosper just as these other countries have. We can indict and prosecute the fraudster bankers, and not that we will need it because we will flourish and prosper just by ousting them and their parasitic system, but we can then seize back all stolen funds from them as well. We probably should, just for good measure.

We can have our own banking system without the parasitic Federal Reserve ruining us, our economy and our country.

Seeing this evil central banking empire crumble speaks to the power of the people, the triumph of humanity, and the hope of the future; and it is all certainly RealGoodNews to us!

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