Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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The Revolution That Is NOT Being Televised

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With so many inventions and discoveries resurfacing and having a second look, one begins to discover that many of the answers to the questions man seeks answers to have already been discovered, documented, and proven effective. Yeah, it’s all out there!

There is technology in existence to easily feed and house the world, generate free and clean energy, and deliver incredibly effective medicine to everyone on the planet, yet, we don’t see the benefits of this technology being widely applied in the world today. The reason for that is simple, people profit off of locking up this technology, and from keeping it locked up. Any in depth study will reveal this truth.

from weaponry to livingry truth or cool photo

The RealGoodNews is that with the internet, Open Access, a resurgence in education, and push toward following one’s true life’s passions, these technologies are emerging and re-emerging and being put to use. It is the challenge of the people of the world at this time to decide they are no longer going to be “legislated” or “cheated” out of good healthcare, cheap and clean energy, and healthy food. The technology is here. It is up to the people to exercise their freedom to enact solutions. It is up to the people to decide they are not going to be beholden to Churches, governments, or other organizations, who have for centuries kept knowledge locked away for their own profit and greed.

Stem Cell Therapy, which we reported on earlier, is one of those emerging technologies that is dramatically changing peoples lives. The therapy is being successfully used for Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Autism, Leukemia, traumatic spinal cord injury, and many other devastating conditions. This technology promises incredible hope for the future of medicine, and mankind.

stem cell needle photo

We also now have the technology to re-grow amputated limbs with Extra-Cellular Matrix as we also reported on earlier. Extra-Cellular Matrix is cheap and easy to make, far too cheap and easy not to be actively putting limbs back on those that need them, and RealGoodNews has been speculating that it won’t be long until this treatment becomes routine procedure for all who need it.

ExtraCellular Matrix fingertip picture photo

RealGoodNews will be reviewing more of these emerging and re-emerging sciences in upcoming issues.

Meanwhile, as medical advances continue to offer hope for improvement in the treatment arena, the murderous Monsanto has been banned in several countries, and is guaranteed to be shut down by the free market soon

monsanto banned why not here truth photo

Several other corporations are feeling the effects of an ever more educated and demanding public hitting their bottom lines as well, as store closures and corporate re-assessments continue.

boycott McDonalds photo

boycott gerber truth photo

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At the same time, people all over the world are standing up and standing together and demanding accountability in government and they are winning the battle for freedom. Protests in Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Canada, the United States, and many other countries have been effective at stopping and changing the systems they live under.

we are the many they are few cool or truth photo

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries are standing against the central banks, and several other countries have ousted the central bankers and had a resurgence of their economies as a result. This can happen globally the minute enough people stand up and say I am tired of being enslaved and robbed.

In Iceland the bankers have been allowed to fail and the Icelandic people have seen their economy enjoy a resurgence because of it! The Icelandic government simply refused to cave to the pressure by the bankers, and instead of bailing them out after they failed, indicted those responsible for the failures. Iceland is now doing very well economically and their citizenry has been greatly served. They are now stable and have declared the whole maneuver to be successful.

Hungary and Russia are also following suit with ousting and prosecuting corrupt bankers and politicians who created their banking messes. Hungary told the Federal Reserve that the country no longer needed or wanted their “assistance”, and now have seen what was formerly a staggering economy recover extremely quickly in what some have called a “remarkable” turn around.

BRICS Bank flag photo

These countries are going after, and indicting the former leaders, mostly Prime Ministers and banking officials for allowing the debacles to happen in the first place as well.

no banker too big to jail 2 truth photo

Meanwhile in Italy, 23 CIA agents were charged, tried, and sentenced for kidnapping and torturing Cleric Abu Omar. The agents were convicted in absentia and Italy is now requesting the agents be turned over to serve their sentences. Many others are also being charged and convicted in the ongoing investigations.

Italian spy boss gets 10 years for helping CIA truth photo

And in Malaysia, Bush and eight others were tried and convicted in absentia for war crimes as we reported earlier…

RT YouTube Bush Eight Convicted

In the United States we have already seen an upsurge in the amount of police officers, prosecutors and Judges being charged and convicted and this trend seems to be gaining steam as well.

six cops charged with murder truth photo

kids for cash judge truth photo

As we reported earlier, Police and Military around the world are putting down their weapons and joining with the people instead of the Governments or elite money masters.

police leading protest photo

55 percent military do not support oboma truth photo

While Governments, corrupt officials, bad cops and fraudsters have been being prosecuted and jailed, the public as a whole seems to be calming down, economies have boomed, and new solutions are being implemented. One of those fabulous solutions that seems to be working very well is whole Police Departments being shut down. It has happened in Waldo, Florida, Point Marion, Pa., Lincoln Heights, Oh., Washington, Ga., Oakley, Mi., Waterloo, Mi. and is even spreading to Mexico where a town there has also shut down it’s police department.

police department sorry were closed photo

Interestingly, as control grids go down, what can only be described as “spontaneous Order” seems to be breaking out everywhere. We saw examples of this when traffic lights were removed from several locations.

If you will remember, recently when the NYC police got mad at the mayor, they held a working strike refusing to “harass” people and low and behold the city saw peace restored to the streets, even if only briefly. As soon as the cops saw how great things were without them, they quickly went back to work, hoping they had done so before anyone noticed; and of course things were not quite so rosy after that, but the people got the chance to see what would happen if the police force were reduced, and they found it wasn’t bad.

As a final note on all the RealGoodNews on police, law enforcement, and government, take a peek at these quick videos to see what some other cops have been up to…

This is how to set a good example…

And this is how to win friends and influence people…

In addition to all of this RealGoodNews, amazing things have been happening in the way of charitable organizations springing up which are not simply the money sink holes of past generations, but actually produce meaningful, measurable results; like WaterIsLife which we reported on earlier, and The Empowerment Plan, Little Dresses For Africa, Housing First, and many others which we will continue to report on.

WaterIsLife is an organization run by a single man, Ken Surritte, who chose to take things into his own hands and has been digging wells and providing clean drinking water to those in need for years. He also has a survival straw to provide clean drinking water to those in impoverished areas. The thing RealGoodNews really loves about WaterIsLife and Ken Surritte, is that 100% of all funds that come in go directly toward the mission.

water is life banner

The Empowerment Plan, founded by Veronica Scott, provides jobs and sleeping bag coats for the homeless! How cool is that?

Empoerment Plan Coat photo

Programs like Housing First have been aiding the homeless while easing expenses for cities, counties, and taxpayers proving it is more cost effective to be humane than militaristic in our approach to homelessness.

Utah homeless homes graphic photo

Many communities and private groups have also sprung up and added to the homelessness solution by building tiny houses for the homeless.

occupy Madison tiny houses photo

And all of this is happening because people stood up, stood together and said “We are not accepting this anymore” and they did something about it.

It is up to us all now to stand up, stand together, be not distracted by smoke and mirrors, and demand freedom. Freedom of choice in medical treatment. Freedom to develop and use free and clean energy. Freedom to educate oneself and ones children. Freedom to grow, buy and eat healthy food without government interference on ones own diet. Freedom to medicate ourselves the way we choose, without government intrusion and taxation.

As if all of that was enough RealGoodNews, according to many people, there is a tremendous spiritual awakening happening right now, and strange ‘signs and wonders’ are being reported worldwide…

We stand here now, with new technologies, new awareness, and wonderful new successes under our belts and we have the chance to really go free. This is not the time to rest on your laurels; this is the time to act. The road out is paved in the sweet smell of peace and prosperity, and all one need to do is start walking it.

road and heart cloud photo

If you have been on the sidelines, now is the time to jump in and become involved in your world. If you are starting to wake up, then get involved, and you will find a whole new world of possibilities awaits you.

man in sunburst photo

No one needs to have all the answers and no one needs to do all the work, but everyone can do something to make the world a better place.

everyone can do something photo

There are resources on the “Get Involved” page which will help you find a place to put your talents to use. There is something for everyone, and there are many different 1 minute and 5 minute activism opportunities, and there are some great organizations you can contribute to, so stand up, get involved and make a difference in your world today!

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