Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Welcome to Liberland!

– Posted in: Global
Photo credit: EUObserver

How about this for RealGoodNews – A new country, a seven square kilometre strip of unclaimed land along the Danube, in between Croatia and Serbia, and it will soon be the happiest country in the world! And thousands are already applying to live there. It has its own constitution and Laws. Its philospohpy is summed up here:

1 – have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion

2 – have respect for private ownership which is untouchable

3 – do not have communist, nazi or other extremist past

4 – were not punished for past criminal offences

Although I am not so sure what the last clause is really saying, the creation of this country is a definite step in the right direction. Is this a sign that people are tired of the corruption, and are finally ready for a more just system? We can expect more of this, and for further refinement of laws and constitutions.

For more information on this RealGoodNews, visit Liberland’s website and for further insights into the current state of play check out this story from the EUObserver.

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