Thursday, July 27, 2017

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What Awakening Looks Like Around The World

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sunrise for awakening story

We have been reporting since our inception on the great revolution that is sweeping the globe and today we offer an update on the state of the revolution from around the world. There have been many uprisings, peaceful gatherings, new inventions, medical miracles, scientific breakthroughs, new truths revealed, and old paradigms changed; all of which we will update you on. It’s been very exciting so, let’s review…

There has been a tremendous uprising globally against government tyranny and corruption as protestors hit the streets like never before. In Italy, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, Greece, Russia, India, and China millions of people have stood up and changed the policies and faces of those nations.

Egyptian protest photo

In Brazil, the people tied one of their politicians to a post over the river…

brazilian politician tied to pole truth photo

In the Ukraine, the citizens have decided to throw their politicians in the trash, literally

Ukrainian politician dumped in trash nannette story

While In America, politicians are finally being brought up on charges and convicted…

Hastert pleads guilty nannette story photo

Breaking it down a little further, the results have pushed these governments to make changes, and some of those changes, like the BRICS banking system mark a truly new day for mankind. The BRICS (Brazil, India, Russia, China, South Africa) Banking system is the ‘Anti-Central Bank’ banking system which is desperately needed.

BRICS Bank flag photo

While in Iceland

Icelandic police truth photo

The uprising in spiritual consciousness seems to be gaining steam as well, as is evidenced globally. Here, 100,000 Monks meditate for a better world

100000 monks meditate for a better world cool photo

and here a million children meditate for peace at a temple in Thailand…

million children have day of meditation at Buddhist temple in Thailand truth cool photo

The rise of consciousness seems to be reaching individuals in very profound ways as well. This incredible photo marks the end of Matador Torero Álvaro Múnera’s career. He collapsed in remorse mid-fight when he realized he was having to prompt this otherwise gentle beast to fight; even grievously wounded by picadors, the bull would not attack or charge.

Torrero Munera is quoted as saying of this moment: “And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. It was like a cry for justice, deep down inside of me. I describe it as being like a prayer – because if one confesses, it is hoped, that one is forgiven. I felt like the worst sh*t on earth.” Munera went on to become an avid opponent of bullfights.

Matador and bull end of career Nannette Carley story photo

The animals of the planet seem to be experiencing the same rise in consciousness. This is being displayed in many ways, one of which being the way in which they seem to be aiding the humans in their own awakening as in the above story about Torrero Munero, whereby the gentle non-violent way of the bull was able to reach the matador’s heart and facilitate change.

We see the change in animals in other ways as well, including unlikely friendships and alliances. Strange animal friendships have always occurred, but never to the extent that it is being played out now.

cat and mouse friends photo

Ginny the cat saving dog cool or hero photo

doggie love from cows funny photo

Animals in the wildest of Africa are even becoming tame, as we see here ..

Photo and Caption by

A lioness abandoned by her pack decides to adopt a baby impala after killing its mother. Several times, she tried to leave the baby in the company of other impalas, but ended up having to take the baby back under her wing after the adult impalas were frightened away by her.

A lioness abandoned by her pack decides to adopt a baby impala after killing its mother. Several times, she tried to leave the baby in the company of other impalas, but ended up having to take the baby back under her wing after the adult impalas were frightened away by her.

Photo and caption by

A baby impala was left behind after the rest of its group ran away from the cheetahs. Instead of preying on the impala, they played gently with it a bit before simply getting bored and leaving it.

A baby impala was left behind after the rest of its group ran away from the cheetahs. Instead of preying on the impala, they played gently with it a bit before simply getting bored and leaving it.

lion and zebra drinking water photo

Science and technology promise a great future for mankind with new and amazing advances everyday that excite the mind and heart, here are just a few

We did a story about Drs. Spievack and Badylak who came up with a revolutionary way of re-growing limbs simply by sprinkling a powder on them! It’s like magic! The best part of it is that the material they are using to make the powder is something that we in the United States usually throw away! Imagine being able to regrow limbs simply by sprinkling a powder on the wound! But it’s true! Below is a fingertip complete with fingernail which was regrown with this powder. Read the full story here

ExtraCellular Matrix fingertip picture photo

eSight eyewear, which is a piece of headgear, is giving sight to the legally blind! Read our story on it here…

eSight glasses logo pic Lynda Brasier

Stem Cell Therapy is very promising and has already produced some wonderful results in curing such dreadful diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, stoke, failing joints, and spinal cord injuries. Read our previous story on it here…

stem cell needle photo

Alternative Medicine has been really developing to such a point that there are Chiropractic Specialists who actually know more than Medical Specialists. Fortunately, some of those Alternative Doctors are posting articles and videos online with lots of information to help people get well on their own if they cannot come in for visits. They are also doing Skype and phone visits. One such Doctor that we just recently highlighted is Dr. Michael Johnson who knows more about the endocrine system than any Endocrinologist I have ever known. These doctors are not only training other Doctors, but they are also publishing incredible new information that is helping and producing real results for many very desperate people. Dr. Johnson has also put together a network of doctors trained under him and you can see that list at nannette story photo

Research into Medical Marijuana is turning up incredible new information which offers hope for many thousands of people. The results of using non-psychoactive CBD’s in treating epilepsy, for example, have been life saving and miraculous.

Jayden David seizures cannabis oil truth or cool photo

The research however, has gone much deeper, as you can see below, proving that given the opportunity, people could have very condition specific safe and effective medicine.

CBD THC wheel truth photo

CBD THC chart truth photo

Technology has pushed forward in the areas of mechanics and robotics resulting in great advances for mankind like this amazing wheelchair we found online…(video 1:04)

Or this bridge building machine…(video 4:52)

or even this self driving semi…(video 3:36)

Technology is developing very cool creative stuff too…(video 2:31)

And people are using technology and the access they have to information in some very inventive and important ways, like…

german energy owned by people cool or truth photo

New solutions to social problems popping up everywhere too….

Retirement day care is one of my favorite social solutions. Check out the story Sunday Morning did on the idea…

Another great one is Housing First, with their unique money saving program for sheltering the homeless

Or this one, using tiny houses to reduce homelessness

Utah homeless homes graphic photo

occupy Madison tiny houses photo

Mobile Al tiny house village truth hoto

And don’t forget our friends, like Ken Surritte with Water Is Life, who provides clean drinking water for children in Africa for $10.00-$12.00/year….

little girls with WIL straw Nannette story

Rachel O’Neill with Little Dresses (and Britches) for Africa, who’s organization sews dresses and pants out of old pillow cases for children in Africa who have no clothes…

donate to little dresses nannettes story who we love for exposing the corruption of the Susan G. Komen fraud with their Anti-Pinkwashing Campaign and for actually DOING SOMETHING for victims of Breast Cancer…

think before you pink logo photo

The Equal Justice Initiative who are saving kids from “life” and “death in prison” sentences…

equal justice initiative photo 2

The Open Access Revolution Continues as well. When we started just over a year ago, there still was no open source happening within the higher education institutions, and now you can get almost any course that almost any major university offers for free! Get the details here.

Open Access Logo photo

What is happening in the way of education is so great it makes us wonder why anyone would want to seek school funding from the government when the free market has solved that for you and you can now get free education from K-Accredited Associates Degree online! Check out get all the details here.

books and diploma photo

Or Robert Steele’s Open Intel Revolution. Steele being a former intelligence officer is bringing sanity to the topic of intelligence gathering by calling for open source intelligence gathering stating that the ways of secrecy are “outdated and useless” and “the days of secrecy are over“…

open source intel photo

The food revolution is in full swing as well

GMO foods are being banned globally at a staggering rate…

GMO banned wy not america truth photo

and not just GMO’s but Monsanto as well

monsanto banned why not here truth photo

As people turn to more cooperative, local solutions; like this Grow Food Everywhere idea…

grow food everywhere cool or truth photo

grow food not lawns

food forests across america photo

seattle planting food forest hoto

And finally, we leave you with spontaneous joy breaking out everywhere like in this example…(video 2:51)

So, as you can see from our update, the Revolution is definitely in full swing and making beautiful changes in the world, and there are many ways that you can help. Now that you have seen how the Revolution is going around the world, how will you contribute?

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