Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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A Doctor Who Makes House Calls

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Dr Dibble photo

Most people complain that they can’t even get their doctor to listen to them, (and indeed the studies show that that a patient speaks less than 12 seconds before they are interrupted by their doctor), much less get them to give them their cell phone number, see you on a Saturday, accept an emergency appointment, or drop in for a house call; but one Texas doctor does it all!

If you are lucky enough to live in the growing town of Magnolia, Texas, you can call on Dr. Paul Dibble, M.D., of Simple Traditions Family Health, whose practice is very unusual when compared to the normal model of a Doctor’s office, and much more “user friendly” for the patient!

From no wait times at the office, to Saturday appointments, to house calls, Dr. Dibble does whatever he needs to in order to serve his patients. He does need a little advance notice to schedule a home visit, but for those who need this kind of service, it can be invaluable.

He accepts cash patients, offers REALLY reasonable rates, and can make referrals for additional services such as surgery.

Dr. Dibble’s website states: “We are a direct-pay, family medicine clinic. Our goal is to provide excellent but affordable care. Though many of our patients have insurance; we do not accept any insurance. By not taking insurance, we can focus on what is best for our patients individually. We have longer appointments in order to provide better care; a full day is 10-15 patients. We’re open Saturdays, and we do house-calls to serve the needs of our patients. By not taking insurance, we are also able to keep our costs low; as a result, we maintain good prices—which we post openly.”

One of his patients said “There is never much of a wait to see him, if they say ‘appointment at 2′, you see the Doctor at 2, and yet he gives you plenty of time and never rushes you, it’s really nice to have a Doctor take the time to listen to you.”

Dr. Dibble has created a new model of the Family Practitioner’s Office and it seems to be more efficient, less expensive, and more agreeable to Doctor and patient both.

This level of communication and care is certainly refreshing and hopefully, these kind of refreshing changes will become commonplace in the future.

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