Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Cancer Is A Vitamin Deficiency

– Posted in: Health/Environment
apricot kernals being opened photo

For those who know this author, you have heard me scream for decades that cancer is “bugs”, meaning it could be bacteria, viruses, parasites, or mycoplasmas, and I still stand by those statements. I am no biochemist, but I know when I see “bugs” at work; and it seems science finally vindicated me with their announcement that cervical cancer was caused by HPV several years ago. So, how could I now say cancer is a vitamin deficiency? Well, like I said, I am no biochemist, but my observation after 30 years researching in the healthcare industry, is that certain vitamins can fend off certain “bugs” and give the body the immunochemicals it needs to fend off the various invaders.

That is why I now report that as with many diseases, Cancer is a disease of malnutrition, a vitamin deficiency. It is easily cured and prevented by simply getting the right nutrition, as has been proven repeatedly.

Preventing the disease with supplementation is obviously easier than treating it, but that does not negate the fact that the treatment works. The link was first reported to have been discovered when it was observed that the Hunza people of the Himalayas never got cancer, but when they moved away and changed their diet, they got cancer. The situation was investigated and the link was found to be Apricot pits.

Apricot pits contain Amygdalin, also known as Laetrile, or Vitamin B17. Adding B17 into your diet if you have cancer in the family is a very good idea, and treatment with B17 has proven very effective as well.

The main stream medical community has also realized the effectiveness of the nitrilosides (cyanide related compounds) found in B17, but since they can’t make much money on B17, they have their own knock off…

cyanide used to kill cancer cells Nannette story

Obviously, taking the B17 supplements and B17 containing foods would be much easier and safer on the body than the treatment devised by the medical community, but “modern medicine” does what it does, no matter the damage.

Of course if I had cancer I would leave no natural stone unturned, and would not rely on one single supplement to solve a very complex problem, it has been my observation in these 30 years in the industry that once someone is sick, it may take many supplements and good foods to get one back in order, but I have seen that it can be done; and that means no harsh chemicals or radiation and that is certainly RealGoodNews!

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