Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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CBD’s Saving Lives

– Posted in: Health/Environment
Child CBD patient photo

Recent legislation in several states is now leading to thousands of children’s lives being saved, by being able to get the natural medicine, in fact, the only medicine that will help them.

CBD’s are highly effective at stopping seizures of all types almost instantly, even in the worst cases. Many children and adults are finding effective treatment in the CBDs, which are still “illegal” in many states.

CBD’s come from the Marijuana, or Cannabis plant, and therefore have historically been labeled “illegal”, largely due to pressure from Big Pharma. The CBD’s are safe, effective, not toxic, non addictive, and have really no side effects. They are non-psychoactive and there have been no reports of negative reactions.

With the recent legalization of the plant in several states, reports are surfacing of “miraculous” and “instantaneous” “cures” using the CBDs. These reports are coming from the very worst seizure disorder cases, which were not previously responding to “Modern Medical Treatments and/or drugs”.

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