Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Experimental Living

– Posted in: Health/Environment
tiny cube home

One of the great changes that is going on in the world right now with all the awakening happening everywhere at every level, is a new trend toward “experimental living”. Finding new, unconventional, and sometimes very adventurous ways to live.

People are looking for answers now to all kinds of problems, and some of those issues are leading them into this new trend. People are becoming more creative in their solutions and that is what experimental living is all about.

It’s not just people changing jobs or careers, they are following their passions. They are not just moving, they are retooling their lives around new types of housing and resources.

The tiny house revolution is in full swing as referenced in our earlier article, The Really Nice Side of Downsizing.

Tiny Party House

Tiny Party House

The off-the-grid trend has picked up steam and has lead to innovations in living with less, and having more. This trend has spurred some very interesting ways of doing things with little or nothing to do it with.

No-Frills Homemade Outdoor Kitchen

No-Frills Homemade Outdoor Kitchen

The “Earthing” community is going barefoot to feel the energy of the Earth and reconnect with Mother Nature. They are appreciating a much more “grounded” existence, and a deeper spiritual connection.

Communal Gardening has become a focal point in several communities across the country. This new way of living is bringing a new sense of security and community to those involved.

Off the coast of Mexico, one man has built an island out of discarded plastic bottles in a net, under palettes covered with earth and sand.

All of the above just goes to show how truly creative and resourceful man can be when he wants to and proves that we really don’t need a huge government or a nanny state, we really just need each other, and that truly is RealGoodNews!

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