Thursday, July 27, 2017

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New Hope For Auto-Immune Disorders, Cancer, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain

– Posted in: Health/Environment
dr Johnson photo

RealGoodNews super fan Bretza Thomas recently turned us on to a Doctor who has incredible insight into auto immune disorders, cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions, leading to relief for many who previously had no hope. Dr. Michael Johnson, of Appleton, Wisconsin is a Chiropractic Neurologist whose understanding of the endocrine system is so far advanced that it leaves many endocrinologists in the dust of decades past.

Dr. Johnson’s incredible understanding of this very complex system is nothing less than remarkable. It is clear that his knowledge far surpasses that of any endocrinologist, and endocrinology was not even his chosen field of study when he entered the profession! Fortunately for us, like many people, he took an interest when the conditions of the endocrine system effected him personally. From there, the education and knowledge he has discovered has been a life saver for many, and the need for his services and knowledge in this area have taken over the bulk of his practice.

In an attempt to get the patients what they need, Dr. Johnson has started offering products for sale because it is the only way he can guarantee that the quality and formulation are up to his standards. The supplements he recommends can be purchased at his store Dr. J’s Supplements.

Dr. Johnson has also produced many incredibly helpful videos which he makes available on his websites and YouTube for free, and has authored several books. These books and videos offer invaluable insight and hope for the patient in need of good data. Anyone having any problems with the endocrine system, Cancer, Diabetes, or Neuropathy should definitely check out the information Dr. Johnson offers, it can be extremely helpful.

Dr. Johnson still takes patients in person and over distance, however, it may take a few weeks to get in. You can visit any of Dr.Johnsons sites for more information and insight into any health concerns you may have. He also works with patients at a distance through Skype and telephone.

When we interviewed Dr. Johnson, he was welcoming, warm, and seemed very concerned with just helping as many people get better as he could. We also saw that reflected in the incredible amount of information he has made available for free online. He encourages people to study, learn and take control of their own healthcare as much as possible and when we asked him what he most wanted people to know he said “That there is hope…”

The fact that Dr. Johnson is teaching other Doctors is probably the most encouraging fact of all, any MD would do himself and his patients a favor by studying under Dr. Johnson’s tutelage. Dr. Johnson has thankfully created a network of Doctors trained with his protocols called the NeuroMetabolic Super Group, if your Doctor or endocrinologist is not a member, perhaps you should look for one who is. To find a Doctor in your area, check the list at

Dr. Johnson is certainly a new breed of Doctor, who has uncanny insight and is not backing down from the truth. His innate understanding and diligent research has produced new answers never before offered in modern medicine, and is leading the way to a new day in healthcare for one and all. This kind of honest, dedicated healthcare is the solution many have searched for; and THAT is certainly some RealGoodNews!

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