Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Put The Lie In The Coconut

– Posted in: Health/Environment
coconut photo

I keep hearing people talking about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil, and they’re probably correct. However, I remember in the mid to late 80’s when there was a different cry over tropical oils. For a few years it was considered by many to be the scourge of the health conscience culinary world.

I worked at an ice cream factory during those years. Back then the standard chocolate coating/topping for the ice cream novelties used coconut oil exclusively to solidify the chocolate quickly when it was cooled. The chocolate was a very high quality product partly because of that wonderful oil that enhanced the flavor of the chocolate.

Unfortunately, there was a huge outcry against all tropical oils because they were high in saturated fats, and the fledgling nutrition Nazis branded them as being unfit for human consumption. Consequently our products were soon boycotted because we used those tropical oils, and something had to be done quickly in order to get our products off of the boycott hit list.

Reluctantly, management was forced to use a cheaper, lower quality chocolate made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in order to appease the highly vocal and angry health (un)conscience customers. So we began using that waxy tasting grease in our products, and with great fanfare our products received a pardon from their death sentence of consumerism. Everyone was happy for a while, but the court of public opinion wasn’t done with us yet.

Within a few years the masses came to realize that the inferior oils that they had forced us to use were actually far worse for their health than the natural oils that they had so vehemently protested, and demanded that we start using coconut oil in our chocolate coating again.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. You see, all of the major manufacturers of coconut oil had either gone bankrupt, or had converted all of their manufacturing facilities to use and/or produce that waxy partially hydrogenated vegetable oil that the customers had been demanding.

Now when I hear the public outcries touting the benefits of coconut oil, and I see it being sold as a high priced healthy alternative for cooking and candies, I just have to laugh. We used to get that stuff on our good chocolate covered ice cream cones and chocolate dipped delights that were right there in the frozen section of the local stores!

Fortunately, as the popularity of the oil increases, more and more companies are being forced back into using it, due once again to the outcry of the public.

It just goes to show how much the people are waking up and learning the truth about what is healthy and what they have been lied to about. Perhaps this is a prime example not only of how much we are learning, but also what power that education holds to change our world and the food we eat. When we demand good, healthy food, the industry has no option but to succumb to our will.

As we become more educated on the subject and make better demands on the industry, the quality and health benefits of our food will improve, and that is certainly RealGoodNews!

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