Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Regrowing Limbs With ExtraCellular Matrix

– Posted in: Health/Environment
ExtraCellular Matrix fingertip picture photo

A Pennsylvania lab has begun running clinical trials on injured veterans using a powder that if sprinkled on a severed limb, can almost magically cause the limb to regrow just as if it was never severed. The late Dr. Alan Spievack and Dr. Stephen Badylak developed the use of the substance called “ExtraCellular Matrix”, which is present in humans and animals.

The discovery was inspired by salamanders, who do not scab as humans do, but instead, regenerate new limbs. The scabbing mechanism, although normally necessary for humans to stop bleeding, heal and recover, also prevents regeneration; as does the lack of ExtraCellular Matrix in the area of the injury. Using ExtraCellular Matrix, the cells which are needed to regenerate the limb have a structure from which to house and feed themselves making regeneration possible.

First successfully used in 2005 to regrow the severed finger of Dr. Spievack’s brother, Lee Spievack, the ExtraCellular Matrix used was derived from the epithelial membrane of a pigs bladder which had been cleaned, stripped of all other tissue, dried, and ground into powder. It can also be left in strips.

Incredibly, when applied, the ExtraCellular Matrix caused the regrowth of an exact duplicate of the missing finger; an incredibly complex process, as there are bones, nerves, blood vessels, flesh, skin, a fingerprint, and a fingernail, all having to regenerate to make up the fingertip.

The application to military alone would be incredible, imagine if this substance, which is easily made and inexpensive, were applied to our injured soldiers, and innocent civilians all around the world who are victims of land mines, friendly fire, and other weapons of war.

This is the type of discovery that can truly change the world.

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