Saturday, May 19, 2018

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Think Before You Pink Anti-Pinkwashing Campaign Favors Action Over Distraction

– Posted in: Health/Environment
think before you pink logo photo

Think Before You Pink, the slogan of’s, anti-pinkwashing campaign, is very wise advise indeed. I am always outraged when I am harassed at a checkout stand, or when purchasing something over the phone, to donate to Susan G. Komen and her fake breast cancer business. It angers and saddens me that so many breast cancer survivors and their families are so desperate to find cures and raise awareness that they support the Susan G. Komen fraud, not really realizing that the organization is just a money making ruse that has never produced any measurable results.

That’s why we were delighted to be made aware of, our thanks go out to Dr. Lorraine Hurley, of Uncommon Awareness, for turning us on to them. The organization, founded in 1990, has worked tirelessly to bring actual action and change to the Breast Cancer issue; and they have produced some very real and measurable results.

In 2013, BCAction was successful in securing a favorable result form the Supreme Court in their federal lawsuit to disallow human gene patents on breast cancers by Myriad Genetics. The Supreme Court ruled to strike down Myriad Genetics’ patents on the human “breast cancer” genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2—and not just Myriad’s patents, but patents on all human genes. Read more here

BCAction’s website states: “It’s Breast Cancer Industry Month and the pink floodgates have opened. And again we ask: what have all these pink ribbon products and promotions done for women living with and at risk of breast cancer? Pink ribbon culture distracts from meaningful progress on breast cancer in six fundamental ways. Take a stand and tell the Breast Cancer Industry to Stop the Distraction.” Read more here

They also have a petition to tell Susan G Komen to “Stop Fracking With Our Health” for those “who are outraged over Susan G. Komen’s latest Pinkwashing”.

I also found this very important article on their site. “Susan G. Komen Partners With Global Fracking Corporation to Launch “Benzene and Formaldehyde for the Cure®” – See more here The article exposes the absolute insanity of this whole parasitic pink scam. Can you imagine? Partnering with companies that produce known carcinogens? Really? What brand of psychopathic insanity is this? Yes indeed, there needs to be some awareness, that’s for sure; awareness about the Susan G. Komen scam, and about where to go for real help.

We have to stop this crazy pink Komen insanity and get real research data and real solutions, and BCAction is a great start. They have been at this quit a while and have produced real meaningful and measurable results.

RealGoodNews says “Kudos!” to and the very real and important work they are doing.

If you are looking for donation or volunteering opportunities check out’s TAKE ACTION tabs, and do something that matters, I’m sure they will appreciate it, and you will feel good knowing you are actually making a difference in the world.

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