Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Boyan Slat; 21 Year Old Cleaning Up The Worlds Oceans

– Posted in: Heroes
Boyan Slat the OceanCleanUp photo

Boyan Slat decided to work on the problem of cleaning up the worlds oceans when he was only 16, and now, at 21 he is not only being listened to, but his ideas are being implemented to handle this global problem.

The Dutch born Boyan is an inventor, environmentalist, and former aerospace engineering student according to his Wikipedia page, but most of his time these days is taken up with The Ocean CleanUp, the project he Founded to tackle the problem of plastics in the world’s oceans.

Boyan designed a passive collection system which works with the oceans currents to collect plastics as they traverse the oceans. The Ocean CleanUp Array is described as a “scalable array of moorings and booms… designed for large-magnitude deployment, covering millions of square kilometers without moving a centimeter”. The system will be attached to the sea bed, strategically located at points which will cause the trash to flow through it, driven only by the natural currents and wind. The system will remove the larger particles, and other systems will need to be researched for the smaller particles.

Ocean CleanUp Array photo

Boyan has remained focused on this issue since he first questioned why there was so much trash along the coast lines, and that, along with his inventiveness, industriousness, and persistence are inspirational. He is a leader who shows us that one person, even a young one, can make a very big difference in the world.

The Ocean CleanUp has completed feasibility studies and has moved into the pilot phase. The Ocean CleanUp website reports that “in the pilot phase, The Ocean Cleanup will now work towards a large-scale and operational pilot in 3-4 years’ time”.

As of September, 2014, the crowdfunding has been completed and the pilot phase has been funded, so we should see some very interesting things from this organization over the next few years as the first of the Arrays begin to go online, and that is RealGoodNews!

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