Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Kaziah the Goat Lady; Military Memorial Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
kaziah goat

What an amazing woman! What an incredible talent! What a loving soul!

RealGoodNews is proud to introduce you to the one and only, Kaziah May Hancock aka Kaziah the Goat woman. Armed with nothing more than a paintbrush, her oils, and a herd of pregnant goats, this rancher/artist is celebrating the lives of our fallen soldiers by painting their portraits and then giving those paintings to their families, for free.

She is salty, eccentric and courageous; tough as a sailor, tender as rain and as loving as any parent comforting their child. On 15 acres outside of Manti, Utah, Kaziah raises her ‘kids’ as she calls them. Here’s a lady who doesn’t let politics get in the way of her patriotism. What she does, however, speaks volumes about what it means to love and to give, and maybe that is what best defines patriotism: Loving and giving

Although there is so much to be told about the life of this astounding woman, perhaps the most impressive of her accomplishments is her work in the field of oil paintings. An acclaimed artist, she sells her paintings for upwards of $10,000 dollars. Kaziah is known for her heart and compassion; she has painted over 1,200 portraits of fallen military soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She is also the creator of an organization called Project Compassion. This organization now has many artists who volunteer their time and talent to paint the fallen soldiers.

Kaziah seems to LIVE and embody JFK, Jr.’s quote:
only love can do that MLK Jr truth or cool photo

Unable to have her own children, she has adopted an entire nation of soldiers. Thank you, Kaziah May Hancock. You truly are MY hero!

Must watch videos on Kaziah:

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