Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Ladar Levison, Freedom Hero

– Posted in: Heroes
Ladar Levison photo

Ladar Levison, founder, owner, and operator of Lavabit email service decided it would be better to give up his business, shut the doors and walked away, than to give the government unrestricted access to his network and his customers emails, and that’s just what he did.

In August 2013, Mr. Levison closed the doors on the business he spent the last ten years of his life builing from the ground up, giving up his living and much of his resources in order to keep his integrity in tact, and his customers safe.

The NSA had approached Levison the previous summer and eventually asked for the encryption keys to decode and read his customers mail, which Levison refused. The NSA then overwhelmed Levison in a snowstorm of legal paperwork, summons’, and charges; all while keeping him gagged and unable to even tell his closest friends and family what was going on.

Ladar Levison gagged photo

Levison was secreted away to a courtroom over a 1000 miles from his home without representation and through their illegal activities, the NSA managed to get a contempt conviction complete with a big, fat, $10.000 fine, and a search warrant. They also continued ramping up the pressure by threatening Levison with jail if he continued refusing to comply, or if he even told anyone what they were doing to him and asking him to do. Levison could not even warn his customers, a situation that he just could not abide with so he chose to close the doors rather than expose his customers to the illegal spying tactics of the NSA, thus releasing his customers, but not himself, out of the grasp of the NSA.

Currently, Levison is busy working on finishing up the illegal “legal” proceeding they have thrust on him, which is horrible; but the RealGoodNews, aside from the fact that he didn’t sell out his customers, is that he is also developing another solution to the privacy issues of his customers and his business. He is calling it the Lavabit Dark Mail, and I am sure he will be a success if his customers and others stick behind him, like he did them.

He still has the dispicable NSA thugs and their illegal proceedings to deal with and trying to develop the dark mail, so I’m sure he could really use some support. Visit his site for updates and donate through paypal at support@lavabit.com.

RealGoodNews would like to salute Mr. Levison for standing up for his integrity, his customers, and the freedom of all Americans. Kudos to you Mr. Levison, we admire and respect your morality, integrity and fortitude. We need more like you standing up and holding the line. Thank you for being a fine example of a proud American.

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