Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Mark Schmidter Everyday Hero For Truth And Justice

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mark schmidter fb photo

Mark Schmidter is just a “regular guy” we met on Facebook, who may save a life on any given Monday. That’s because every Monday for the last 2 years Mark has gathered a group of loyal, freedom loving friends and headed off to Florida’s Seminole County Courthouse (Criminal Justice Center) steps, where they hand out brochures from the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) to prospective jurists who may hold the life of an innocent person in their hands that very day.

mark schmiter jailed photo

The brochures explain the full rights and abilities of the jury to not only judge the facts in the case, but to also judge the law itself, a fact that is usually hidden from the jury. The Judge and Prosecutor usually like to hide this fact because it tends to lower their conviction rate. There have been many cases of Judges actually MISinforming the jury as to its options to rule, causing the jury to rule someone guilty when they did not feel that should be the case; and that is why the work FIJA does is so important. When the jury is fully informed, they can actually judge the law itself as to its fairness, constitutionality, and applicability, and come to a truly fair and impartial decision, rather than being tricked into making unfair and unjust convictions.

mark schmidter novictim photo

The data that FIJA prints should be known by all Americans by elementary school graduation, but you won’t find this data in any public school system or college government class even though it is the truth and the law.

This is why what Mark and his friends do is such a service to his fellow man. “It’s really not that hard to do. I head out to the courthouse in the morning around 7am and catch everyone that’s going in, and I’m home by 9am knowing that I may have saved somebody’s life that day, it’s very rewarding in that way” states Mark when asked why he does it.

If you have had to face the Seminole County court system in the last 2 years and got a favorable decision from a jury, you just might want to stop by some Monday morning and give a thanks to the guys out front passing out those brochures, you never know how they may have impacted YOUR case!

mark schmiter handing out flyers photo

RealGoodNews salutes Mark for all the work he has done and continues to do. You are certainly a good example and an inspiration. The world needs more like you!

The work that Mark and his group does is so valuable in educating the jurors and the public at large, and a very good example of how just a few hours a week can make such a difference in the world, that we believe others will soon follow their lead and form their own groups doing this work, and that is certainly RealGoodNews!

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