Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Unlikely Hero Walks To Help Children

– Posted in: Heroes
why project Loy Bost story photo

“There is so much suffering in the world, but I’m only one person; what can I do about it?” For many, this is a comforting excuse to do nothing, but for one hero it became a personal challenge. This normally shy inner voice became a bold command to one man, and thus began the journey of a lifetime.

It was a routine trip to Walmart that launched this unlikely quest. Jeff Moose had taken his Mother there to pick up a few necessities. The bags were loaded in the car, the seat belts were fastened, but before they could make it out of the parking lot, something caught his eye. It was a young homeless couple; the woman was clearly pregnant, and due to give birth soon.

He and his mother stopped and supplied the couple with some food and blankets, which was surely a comfort on that cold winter’s day. Nonetheless, the experience left him with a personal sense of despair. Mr. Moose had himself struggled with alcohol and drug abuse years before, and through his own bad decisions he had ended up homeless himself for a time, but it was the near certain plight of that couple’s unborn child that haunted his thoughts the most.

Here was another of many children who deserved a home, and would not have one. There was no way to justify the plight of these children in his mind; these children are not victims of their own bad decisions. These children are deprived of what most of us take for granted through no fault of their own. “Why should this be so in this land of plenty?” He thought.

Mr. Moose wanted to do something to help these poor children, but he had many hurdles to cross to do so. He had been unemployed for months with no end in sight. His finances had become so strained that he had lost his car, and he had to live with relatives in hopes of getting back on his feet. He couldn’t just reach in his pocket and pull out an adequate donation to solve the problem, but he had a big idea that would raise awareness of the problem, and the first step in solving a big problem is to insure that as many people as possible realize that the problem exists.

Thus the WHY (Walk for Homeless Youth) Project began. Mr. Moose planned to walk from the North Carolina Coast to the Western most tip of the State wearing brightly colored T-Shirts that simply say “Ask Me Why” then explaining to all who would listen the reason for his journey.

He contacted local businesses near his home and along his planned path of journey to donate food and places to sleep or camp, and he set up a Facebook page where people can track his journey, and donate to a charitable organization “A Child’s Place” in Charlotte NC.

His 500 mile trek from Manteo to Murphy began on Easter Sunday, and he continues to share his experiences and new found friendships on The Why Project Facebook page. So follow this hero as he spreads awareness of this nation’s homeless youth, and forms relationships that will surely last a lifetime. Just knowing that such a generous soul exists is RealGoodNews to us!

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