Thursday, July 27, 2017

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then there's will smith cool photo





wonderful wood stairway cool photo





indonesian bridge cool photo





walking cloud angel cool weird or truth photo





triple kittyccino cool photo




love on the beach cool photo









Natures Beauty...

Natures Beauty…





welcome to my church cool or truth photo





the age of knowing cool or truth photo





Photo by Corey Flower

Photo by Corey Flower





angel cloud cool photo





weird rainbow looks like eagle weird or cool photo





purple mirror tree cool photo





searching for a spiritual gangster cool or truth photo





brain cell and universe cool photo





dont underestimate me i know more than I say truth or cool photo





Baby In A Cradle Flower

Baby In A Cradle Flower





arriving at the grave cool or truth photo





this manmixed wifes ashes with fireworks cool or truth photo





What a whimsical gazebo!

What a whimsical gazebo!





Jayden David seizures cannabis oil truth or cool photo





Nowhere in particular...I like that.

Nowhere in particular…I like that.





I never lose cool or truth photo





awesome pet bed cool photo





why is switzerland happiest truth or cool photo





New "Green" Overpasses!

New “Green” Overpasses!





australian man stopps 160 suicides hero cool photo





power of the people stronger than people in power cool or truth photo





the beast in me is leeping, not dead thruth or cool photo





grow food everywhere cool or truth photo





Billionaire Chuck Feeney gave away fortune cool or truth photo





water your grass it will be just as green cool or truth photo





one acre of hemp truth or cool photo





stacked rock cool photo





lighted building cool photo





hardships truth photo





landscaped face farm cool photo





what if you realized how powerful you are truth or cool photo





colorful fish photo





unbelievably beautiful sunset cool photo





The Next Generation Of Cruise Ships...

The Next Generation Of Cruise Ships…





Psychedelic Galaxy Opal

Psychedelic Galaxy Opal





One man's trash is another man's treasure...

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…





live in such a way cool or truth photo





A sincere hug

A sincere hug





washing you clean cool or truth photo





optimist more like a chacha cool or truth photo





soul becomes colored cool or truth photo





first to truth or cool photo





tired of waiting for spring cool or funny photo





multi colored rose cool photo





Hanging Bottle Farm

Hanging Bottle Farm





two palms come together cool photo





learned to give truth or cool photo





treehouse with spiral staircase cool photo





Psychotria elata

Psychotria elata





watermat cool photo





How the UK handles drunks...

How the UK handles drunks…





blue beach cool photo





As I look back to every time I was rejected photo





angels above earth cool photo





always speak truth even if voice shakes cool or truth photo





african tree cool photo





a crayon will burn for 30 minutes cool photo





11 11 96 percent fully charged cool or truth photo





ape with flower cool photo





this man took this dog cool photo





throw me to the wolves cool  or truth photo





pie is pie backwards...

pie is pie backwards…





Naples cool photo





beautiful lake and sky from home cool photo





i remember who i am cool photo





Cool brick laying machine...

Cool brick laying machine…





lau tzu cool truth photo





Castle In Netherlands

Castle In Netherlands





auatralian cool photo




World's smallest horse

World’s smallest horse





awesome dog house cool photo





moon trace cool photo




100 Year Old Maple Bonsai Tree

100 Year Old Maple Bonsai Tree





Now THAT'S a sand castle!

Now THAT’S a sand castle!





I’ll have another banana and put my pajamas on….





How to change the world cool or truth photo





only love can do that MLK Jr truth or cool photo





Tommy Chong cured cancer cool or truth photo





Now that is eternal love...

Now that is eternal love…





creation cool photo





looking for someone to change your life cool photo





Gilpin Lake, Steam Boat Springs, Co.

Gilpin Lake, Steam Boat Springs, Co.





life is all about change cool photo





the art of stacking wood cool funny photo





infrastructure cool truth photo





this is what hemp looks like hemp car cool truth photo





eight tom orca jumping 15 feet out of water cool photo





a real hero cool truth photo









pink flowered bonzai cool photo









simplest way to be happy cool photo





take one bread cool photo





Mini minivan

Mini minivan





Take time to smell the flowers...

Take time to smell the flowers…





lit pathway cool photo





Monkey Orchids

Monkey Orchids





no ups and downs youre dead cool





Im sorry Homophobia Hero Photo





Perfect Tiny Tree

Perfect Tiny Tree





Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks





Now that's dinner at the beach!

Now that’s dinner at the beach!





Pygmy marmoset

Pygmy marmoset





Philippine Mouse Deer

Philippine Mouse Deer





Worlds largest Swiss Army Knife - The Wenger 16999, only $2200.00!

Worlds largest Swiss Army Knife – The Wenger 16999, only $2200.00!





Homeless haircuts Hero Photo





Rainbow Rock

Rainbow Rock





always help someone cool photo





please do not feed the fears cool photo









heart cat cool photo





silence is yellow cool photo





fear does not prevent death cool photo





Talk about living on the edge!

Talk about living on the edge!





Harbin Snow Festival China

Harbin Snow Festival China





surround yourself with those on the same mission as you cool photo





the railroad rays cool photo





Asata Shakur qoute cool photo





purple seahorse cool  photo





Awww. the big 'ol baby!

Awww. the big ‘ol baby!





dog helps blind dog cool photo





the further a society drifts from teh truth quote photo





Artful Electric Tower

Artful Electric Tower





You make me feel like dancing...

You make me feel like dancing…





Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon





ship at sea colors of home sky photo













Just let me fix my hair...

Just let me fix my hair…





the four agreements photo




most wonderful places to be cool photo





Ayn Rand Quote





Kamron Kirkconnells Bonacca Island Sunset photo





raw for beauty woman photo





Most beautiful teen Photo





Please consider a donation to the guys at the Great Whale Conservancy

Beautiful video…