Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Dr. Karin Huffer’s Sage Advice On Legal Abuse Syndrome; PTSD

– Posted in: Legal/Political

Dr. Karin Huffer is an internationally recognized author, associate professor in counseling and forensic psychology at King’s International University, a speaker, researcher, and a consultant. She is also the author of the pioneering book entitled, “Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome” or LAS. Her objective is to move the victim beyond his or her predicament and toward a more positive way of thinking and behavior. To become the over-comer!

Her experience as a marriage and family counselor (and the wife of a businessman who was defrauded in the courts) uniquely qualifies her as an expert on LAS. After researching the effects that the courtroom and long drawn out court battles had upon many of her patients she decided to work towards helping them empower themselves with coping skills. These people showed classic symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They were the quiet heroes who went to court. They faced off against corporations, law enforcement or political adversaries while expecting fair treatment within the justice system. Families were devastated, careers were destroyed, false accusations during litigation impoverished our best and brightest, and children were unfairly ripped from their loving parents. When the system failed to deliver justice they walked away devastated, broken, humiliated and feeling helpless. This was unacceptable to the good Doctor.

Dr. Huffer stepped up to arm those who have this ‘invisible’ disability using counseling tools and the, ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’. Her generous heart reached out to those in need and armed them with battle skills they an use throughout their entire lives.

You can find out more about this compassionate woman on her Twitter or Facebook pages.

Dr Karin Huffer on Legal Abuse Syndrome:

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