Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Good Officers Finally Getting A Fighting Chance

– Posted in: Legal/Political
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Recently, several brave officers have been coming out in what looks like a watershed moment in the history of law enforcement in the United States. These officers are coming out for a variety of reasons according to reports. Some come out after themselves becoming the victims of officer abuse, like Sgt. Brandon Ruff featured in one of our earlier articles, some come out after having to leave due to intimidation by other officers like 911 dispatcher Kelli Murray, as reported on by the AntiMedia, and some simply come out in an effort to do the right thing like Baltimore PD Detective Joe Crystal as reported by CBSLocal in Baltimore.

It is very hard for our good officers to get the help and support they need to even do the right thing, this is due to the bad ones growing in numbers within their ranks, combined with public opinion toward police slumping in the face of growing abuse. Where is an honest officer to turn?

Some departments have even taken on a “cultish” attitude toward the job, the ‘thin blue line”, and their community, furthering the difficulty for the good officers even more.

Going to the media, alternative media, or internet can help an officer who finds himself in this situation. Shining the light on it may be one of their best options for getting the truth out, as well as one of their best protections. The public, by and large, are being supportive of these measures and the officers when they speak out.

They are in a very difficult situation indeed. They have an “expected obligation” to protect their fellow officers, which if broken could end badly for them or their family; and they have their oath of office, and they have their own conscience. This can be more like a hot seat than an easy chair for any good officer who finds himself in a situation.

This is why it is so important for the public at large to support the good ones and not throw the baby out with the bath water. We need to get rid of this “us and them” mentality that has been created in law enforcement training, and let our good officers know we support them and their efforts. Anything anyone can do to calm and ease relations with law enforcement and the community, can contribute to a more safe and productive society. The good officers will always welcome your friendship and support, they need it.

In any event, the fact that so many officers are coming out, testifying honestly, bringing suit, and fighting back, is truly a change in the old paradigms and signals a new day and a new deal in law enforcement; and with a supportive public, change is in the wind.

With a recent rash of charges being brought against bad cops, the weeding out seems to be already underway as the public has demanded, further aiding the good cops.

Though this is not the end of all of our problems, perhaps now our officers and the public can begin to feel a little safer and saner, and move forward in a more positive and productive way, working with instead of against each other, and that is truly RealGoodNews!

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