Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Landmark Supreme Court Brief Destroys IRS Jurisdiction

– Posted in: Legal/Political
supreme court seal photo

A Brief filed in the United States Supreme Court just this April by Houston area Doctor John Parks Trowbridge, MD, destroys IRS jurisdiction in the District courts. The brief has been filed in response to the ongoing cases and continual harassment endured by Trowbridge at the hands of the IRS who violated his rights and seized his property.

The brief is unprecedented for several reasons, but the biggest is that Trowbridge cites only Supreme Court rulings in his brief, leaving no room for debate over the rulings which back his summations.

The brief demonstrates clearly and conclusively that the “United States District Courts” that operate in every state and hear both Civil and criminal cases — most notoriously IRS “failure to file” Cases — do not have lawful jurisdiction to do so. As such, this Brief could put the illegitimate courts into a tailspin.

Everyone should spread the word about this exciting case, the more people who know the truth, the better.

It will be interesting to follow this case and this brief should be read and understood by every American, because the truth is always RealGoodNews to know!

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