Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Pencil Lead Scores Victory In Supreme Court Decision

– Posted in: Legal/Political
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An incredible victory comes to us from the US Supreme Court, in a decision that is definitely coming down on the side of the people! In the recent decision, the people are being protected, and government officials are being held accountable.

The backstory on this one is incredible for sure, here’s what happened…

Kim Lee Millbrook, a prisoner in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, attempted to sue the Federal Government in the District Court under the Federal Tort Claims Act, alleged that he had been physically and sexually assaulted by two corrections officers, while a third one stood watch. The court refused to hear the case, and an Appeals Court agreed, by propping their contention on faulty case law, as they often do, on the premise that the assault in question did not take place during a search, seizure, or arrest.

Although Mr. Millbrook was warned against filing what were called “frivolous papers” with any other court under threat of legal retribution, he proceeded (without a lawyer) to write a petition to the Supreme Court to have his case heard. The petition was written with a pencil in longhand and submitted to the Supreme Court. Considering the fact that this court accepts less than 1% of the petitions submitted, the odds of success were grim at best.

Surprisingly his petition was accepted, and the US Justice Department, which had previously backed the lower court’s decisions, quickly backpedaled on that stance. Obviously they knew that the case law commonly used to cloud the corruption of lower court decisions would soon be blown out of the water in this case, and they were trying to save face in front of the Supreme Court.

Amazingly, and correctly, the Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement officers whose wrongdoings are beyond the scope of their job description do not have immunity from prosecution under a governmental umbrella of sovereign immunity. Further, the government can also be sued for allowing such illegal conduct by their employees.

This is certainly a step in the right direction, proving that we are winning in the fight for Freedom, and putting our public servants on notice. All we have to do is continue to grow in our ranks, assert ourselves, stand up, and be heard.

Certainly, we will see this decision being used unilaterally to reign in corruption throughout all law enforcement agencies and restoring the integrity of our protectors and servants in the eyes of the public. Now that would be RealGoodNews indeed!

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