Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Sheriff Mack Defends RealGoodNews Publisher

– Posted in: Legal/Political
sherif fmack 2 photo

RealGoodNews would like to thank Sheriff Richard Mack for his friendship, help, and sworn statement in the police gang-stalking case of our publisher, CSPOA’s 2012 Citizen of The Year, and Honorary Sheriff Deputy, Nannette Carley.

The case, which began back in 2008 when Nannette moved to Tomball, Texas, was investigated by The U.S.Observer, and reported on in a recently published article.

This is just one of the many reasons Ms. Carley, and the RealGoodNews supports the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, CSPOA, and all of the fine Sheriffs, Deputies, and Officers that have sworn to uphold their oaths to the Constitution. It is the support of good, constitutional law enforcement, elected by the people and a rejection of the Federal, State and Local sponsored militarized “terror” (police) forces which have been unleashed on the public, which will free us from the takeover that seems to be occurring.

As Americans, we have a choice to be free, but we have to consciously make that choice right now, and we can make that choice by deciding that we will not stand for state sponsored terrorism, and we will only support duly elected Constitutional law enforcement.

Everyone can do their part by supporting Sheriff Mack in his mission to restore Constitutional law enforcement in this country, and that indeed is RealGoodNews!

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