Saturday, February 24, 2018

Addiction Is A Vitamin Deficiency

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Recently we reported information on mental illness and addiction in two separate articles (Miracle Cure For Addiction, Depression, and Chronic Illness, and New Answers To Mental Illness) which clearly show that addiction, like many difficult health problems, is often a vitamin deficiency. This is not to say there is no other reason for addiction, but [...]

Welcome to Liberland!

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How about this for RealGoodNews - A new country, a seven square kilometre strip of unclaimed land along the Danube, in between Croatia and Serbia, and it will soon be the happiest country in the world! And thousands are already applying to live there. It has its own constitution and Laws. Its philospohpy is summed [...]

The Revolution That Is NOT Being Televised

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With so many inventions and discoveries resurfacing and having a second look, one begins to discover that many of the answers to the questions man seeks answers to have already been discovered, documented, and proven effective. Yeah, it's all out there! There is technology in existence to easily feed and house the world, generate free [...]

Israel And The Awakening

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The global awakening seems to be bringing the promise of peace for Israel as people are learning the truth about how to really support Israel. If one is to support Israel, it has to begin with finding out who they are and what they need, so let's look at that. The first thing to know [...]

Good Officers Finally Getting A Fighting Chance

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Recently, several brave officers have been coming out in what looks like a watershed moment in the history of law enforcement in the United States. These officers are coming out for a variety of reasons according to reports. Some come out after themselves becoming the victims of officer abuse, like Sgt. Brandon Ruff featured in [...]

What Are Stem Cells Anyway?

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There has been huge debate in the news about stem cells, the president spoke out on the subject, and centers offering stem cell therapy are on the rise, but what are they and what do they do? Well, the short answer is that stem cells are cells that can become and build any kind of [...]

Food Shortage Solution; Honey On Tap

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We keep telling you this is a revolutionary time and here again is proof in the form of a revolutionary idea in beekeeping. An Australian company has forever changed the way beekeeping will be done. The FlowHive system is more than revolutionary and more than just a solution, it is also a huge time, space, [...]