Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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3 Year Old Remembers His Murder and Identifies His Killer

– Posted in: Religious/Spiritual
child remembers his murder photo

In these very strange times, many of us have long said that the ‘veil’ is lifting, and that consciousness and spiritual awareness is rising. The results are that many people are coming out of the anesthetic that man has long been under, memories are returning, and the true nature of man as an immortal spiritual being is beginning to really be understood in a much deeper and more profound way.

In his book, Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today, German Scientist Trutz Hardo recounts the story of his Doctor friend, Eli Lasch’s experience in witnessing the events of a young boy who had previously been murdered, and then identified his killer.

As Hardo describes in his book, the events took place in the Druse Nation which is in the middle east around Lebanon, Syria, and the Golan Heights area. Within the tribe there was an understanding that we live more than one life in a physical body and that we sometimes bring with us memories of past traumatic events. The Druse understood that these memories could cause physical, mental and emotional symptoms and upset for the individual, therefore the traditions were to engage the child in conversation about whatever they could remember in an effort to relieve the symptoms and free the child from the past.

Hardo states in his book: “As soon as a child is born, its body is searched for birthmarks, since they are convinced they stem form death wounds, which were received in a past life.” The Druse knew that children had a hard time distinguishing between past and present when they just start speaking, so they would begin to question at that age, but get much more specific about the events at about the age of three, when the child begins to understand the difference between past and present. At that time, if the child has talked about a place where he has lived a past life, the Druse take the child there. It is regarded as a special occasion and a kind of native board of inquiry is formed, led by the village elders.

One specific child that was born with a large birthmark on his head, recounted that he had been murdered. A group of 15 men was formed, including village elders, representatives from neighboring villages, and Dr. Eli Lasch, the only non-Druse in the group. The group was convinced, based on the child’s statements that he had lived in the surrounding area, so they began their journey going to the nearest village. They asked the boy if he had lived there and he said that he had lived in another village, so they continued on. In the second village the boy again said no, so they continued on again.

When they got to the third village, the child said he had lived there and suddenly began to recall names and events. He told them that months ago he had been murdered with an axe and was able to recall his own name. An elder from the village who had joined the group, said he remembered that man and that the man had disappeared without a trace four years prior.

They walked through the village and the boy identified the house he used to live in, and then suddenly upon seeing his killer in town, walked right up to him, called him by name, and said “I used to be your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with and axe.” Eli recounted how the man went as white as a sheet, and then the boy said he knew where his body had been buried.

Hardo states “How could he have known where his former neighbor had buried his body after his death? Almost daily, my clients describe the following post-mortem scenario; after death, the soul leaves the earthly body and in most cases is able to see the body from above. Often it hovers there for a while and can see exactly what happens to the body.”

The boy then lead the Elders to the buried body, and the axe that was used to kill him. When all was revealed, everyone stood staring at the murderer who finally confessed to the crime in front of everyone. Eli asked what would happen to the murderer and the villagers told him that it would be determined later what would be appropriate punishment for the crime, but refused to turn the man over to police, deciding to handle this issue themselves.

These types of stories are becoming more and more common, as consciousness is rising and people are learning more about their actual spiritual nature and the fact that they are immortal beings having a physical human experience. This is not the first time I have heard such a story. I once heard a man tell his own story of remembering that his wife had killed him in a past life. He actually went and found her, aged, but still living in the same place. He told her who he was, and that he forgave her.

I have known of other stories as well, and understand that when one is able to realize these events are true, and view life events form a higher spiritual place, one is able to see things in longer term survival concepts; which assist greatly in decision making and prioritizing. Seeing these types of stories becoming more and more common tells me that the over all consciousness, of mankind as a whole, is increasing; and that indeed, is RealGoodNews!

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