Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Conscious Christmas Picks

– Posted in: Religious/Spiritual
conscious christmas picks gift photo

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ, which one would naturally suppose would signify the virtues of giving, loving, and sharing, so in that vein, RealGoodNews set out to find the gifts that signify just that spirit.

This Christmas season is different from any in the past in that the overall consciousness of people on this planet is rising, and with that, a renewed interest in solutions to the problems of the world, and this season people have better opportunities for actually doing something effective about it than at any other time in history.

This season in particular can be a time to start new traditions based on service to others and giving in the name of lifting people up in spirit, rather than vainly showering our loved ones in yet more mind numbing materialistic “stuff”.

With this in mind, RealGoodNews is happy to announce our 2015 top Conscious Christmas Picks list for you and we hope you like what we have found….

1. ONE YEAR OF CLEAN DRINKING WATER FOR A CHILD – FOR ONLY $10.00! That’s right for only $10.00, you can give a child clean life giving drinking water for a whole year! This gift comes from one of our favorite people, Ken Surritte, founder of Water Is Life. We love Ken because he is truly living his labor of love. We have featured him and his life giving Drinkable Book in the past because Ken does not support himself off of donations to WIL, he supports himself with a job, and 100% of the money he receives goes to providing the life giving drinking straws and taking trips to Africa to dig wells with his own hands! A donation to WIL, is one of the best ways we know of to personally and effectively do something about a very big problem and have a powerful impact on someone’s life, and all for only $10.00! Many of my family members will be getting a card saying “A donation was made in your name to Water Is Life which made clean life giving drinking water available to a child in need for a whole year!” because they just don’t need any more “stuff”, but these kids sure do need water.

little girls with WIL straw Nannette story

2. GIVE HANDMADE CLOTHES TO CHILDREN WHO HAVE NO CLOTHES TO WEAR from $0.00 to $ ??? Ok, this is another one of our favorite people and organizations, Rachel O’Neill of Little Dresses (and Britches) for Africa, is as big a super star as Ken Surritte in our book! We featured her previously because after visiting Africa and seeing the little girls in tattered dresses, she got with her friends and they came up with the idea to use old donated pillowcases and volunteers to make dresses for the little girls and later she added little britches for the boys too. Donations can be monetary, or materials like pillowcases, thread, buttons and other sewing supplies, or even labor. If you like to sew, or know someone who does, get the pattern and join the fun!

donate to little dresses nannettes story

3. GIVE A HOMELESS PERSON A SLEEPING BAG COAT MADE BY A FORMER HOMELESS PERSON for only $100.00! Ok, we can’t stress how much we love Veronica Scott and her incredibly innovative organization The Empowerment Plan! At only 24 Veronica came up with the idea to design a coat that turns into a sleeping bag and use the jobs she created to get the people she helped off of the street for good! To donate to Veronica’s organization is to give a coat, AND a job, which is a win-win-win situation!

empowerment plan the coat nannettes story photo

4. INFORMATION AND SUPPLEMENTS FOR HEALTH AND LIFE – $??? We have done several stories, here (1), here (2), here(3), and here (4),about new research on the incredible effectiveness of certain nutritional supplements in alleviating certain conditions such as depression, addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and other extremely debilitating conditions. As reported in these stories the results in some cases have been nothing short of miraculous. This author has personally had reports of practical miracles happening due to reading these stories and taking the supplements. (One of my friends even quit smoking!) Many of the supplements can be ordered online or found in your local health food store. They may not solve all the worlds, or your loved ones problems, but then again, they may change the whole game!

man in sunburst photo

5. Organic Food Bars That’s right! Organic Food Bars! Give the gift of health with Organic Food Bar brand Protein Bar, or Active Greens Bars! If you know anyone who is ill, any busy single moms, elderly folks, or under/malnourished individuals, you will do them a huge favor with this gift of nutrition and health. These bars can really be a life saver as they are a convenient, portable, and tasty boost of nutrition. If you have never tasted an Organic Food Bar, you really are missing out on a delicious healthy treat! These are so good that I honestly eat them as a treat!!

Organic Food Bar Protein Bar photo

6. Love and Random Acts of Kindness – 0.00 – ???? – A few months ago, I was REALLY depressed and sick and I went through the drive through at Whataburger and the person ahead of me in line paid for my breakfast. That was the first time anything like that had ever happened to me and it reduced me to tears right there in the drive through!!! My breakfast was only a few bucks, but wow did I need the love at the time. I went home and had the tastiest breakfast I can remember in years. You never know how much a small gesture may mean to someone else so, share a smile, a cup of coffee, or a meal with someone and uplift them and yourself at the same time!

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7. RealGoodNews! We would of course be remiss if we did not recommend that you give a FREE subscription of RealGoodNews to your friends and family. With uplifting, inspiring stories as well as important health and global updates, not to mention the funnies that are really funny, RealGoodNews is the gift you can give to EVERYONE on your list!

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