Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Astral Projection

– Posted in: Religious/Spiritual
astral projection photo lynda brasier

Fear of leaving your body is very common and a reason why many find it so difficult to astral project or have OBE’s (out of body experiences.) People have been taught to fear the unknown and to especially fear your ‘self’ detach from the body. After people have learned this technique they find that they are no longer as afraid of leaving this mortal coil as they used to be. They have proven, to themselves, that life does exist away from the body.

Be curious

It is important to realize that there is no way to get rid of the fear before you experience your first ‘trip.’ You will simply have to decide if your curiosity is stronger then your fear. Perhaps you should read experiences by others or watch them on youtube. Curiosity is the best motivation to face any kind of fear, especially this one. Be positive and curious about astral projection, because it is a truly amazing experience.

Having said that, I can’t stress enough that you’ll need to prepare yourself. You’ll need to be safe and cautious of other entities you ‘could’ meet and you’ll need to raise your spiritual shields. Not all entities are evil but there are always those who would take advantage.

This site is an excellent site designed to take you through it all in easy steps.

Astral Projection Tool – Theta BiNaural Beats for Astral Projection

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