Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Spiritual Awakening Spurring Global Education

– Posted in: Religious/Spiritual
bridge to enlightenment photo

The Global Spiritual Awakening is causing everyone from the adept to the initiate to question everything; and with that questioning, an increased push for education and information is springing up all over the world.

People who have never really looked at certain issues are starting to not only look, but seriously investigate; and they are finding some surprising, wonderful, and even unsettling, answers. Others, who have long been seekers of the truth are finding new information which they have long craved now available, bringing renewed effort in the area of study, education and application.

This renewed level of questioning and seeking answers, is leading to a full on educational revival, just as the jailbreak on information is ongoing within the Hackivist and Open Access Advocate groups, culminating in creating one of the greatest opportunities in educational and spiritual growth and understanding in the last 2000 years.

Information on law, politics, ancient history, science, health, DNA, quantum mechanics, the cosmos, stars, planets, the moon, Open Access, political history, precious metals, the mind, war, drugs, money and banking, weather, free energy, Tesla, and a whole host of other subjects has seen a huge surge in search and research interest. This is a trend that will continue as man begins to wake up and question everything around him, and the rich canvas of conversation, debate, sharing, and eventually understanding that this is fostering, is one of truly beautiful magnificence.

People who were once content not to know, and to keep their heads in the sand, are starting to wonder about things they never really gave thought to. Deep thinkers who have long had the answers are finding there are even greater answers and greater opportunities for understanding. People who have never had access to education are gaining that access, and information that was never before available is finding it’s way out to the people of the world, marking a true turning point in our history, and a true renaissance period in education and spiritual growth.

For the initiate, a jump into the arena of awakening consciousness can have some pretty dizzying effects, such as suddenly outgrowing your friends or social group, or even finding it is difficult to relate to family now that the lenses have been cleansed or removed, but fear not, many an adept has gone before you and safe passages have been constructed. Rejoice in your ability to find information and use the opportunity wisely to push yourself and your community up; and you will find a safe harbor in the new space of awareness that you find yourself now dwelling in.

For the adept who has known of the real issues of the world for some time, a new expansion of understanding has sometimes meant their whole world changes again with the new expansion, and this can be shocking even to them, but if they will simply remember, they went through this before, and they can do it again; they too will reach a new bigger and better level of understanding.

Freedom is found in knowledge and conviction. Great paradigm shifts are required to change the current structure of our world, and the current educational push promises to deliver those shifts indeed.

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