Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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There Is No Darkness

– Posted in: Religious/Spiritual
color spectrum photo

There is no darkness only light they say; but how can this be? One sees darkness in the sky at night, in the cosmos, in the ways of the world and the hearts of men, and wonders, how can one reconcile this?; and indeed it is a rough one to reconcile, but reconciliation is always possible when dealing in truth; and this IS TRUTH.

When one looks out and sees the darkness of night or the darkness of a heart, how can one then say there is no darkness. It is there. One SEES IT. To deny seeing it would be insane, right?

One has traumas occur, one experiences losses and witnesses the unthinkable, and then someone at RealGoodNews says “Hey Everybody! There is no darkness!”

Believe there is no darkness? hummm; sounds like a trick of the evil ones to fool their enemies, “make them deny the truth that they plainly see right in front of their own eyes – whaaahhaaahhaaahaha”; but I assure you, THERE IS NO DARKNESS.

There is the ILLUSION of darkness, but no darkness itself. And one wonders how can this be? How can there be no darkness that I have seen with my own eyes and felt with my own heart? Well, the truth is, as always, very simple. It has to do with viewpoint. Viewpoint is the point from which you view something. This is not justification and no one is going to rob anyone of their righteous indignation to acts of evil, but hear out the logic before you throw out the whole idea.

Now, if we are going to have a serious, rational discussion here, we would have to acknowledge that “bad things happen”, and people “do bad things”. We would also have to acknowledge that when one looks out into space, he does indeed see darkness, and at night he does indeed see the darkness of the night sky.

We would also though, have to acknowledge that man, in his current state does not see all there is to see. Being confined by a human body, has, up to now, caused certain restrictions in his field of vision, and perception of light and color.

Where he sees darkness, there is indeed light. Just because he doesn’t see it does not mean it does not exist. One does not normally see the infrared light spectrum, but the light is still there, just as one does not see a microbe, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

We are able now, with modern technology, to see microbes and infrared light, which we would not otherwise see. If we had some other technology, perhaps we could see all the spectrums of light, and better understand the light; but our lack of understanding of it, our inability to perceive it, does not make it not exist.

The key is to learn to see and perceive it, so as to gain better understanding of it and eventually harness it for good use. We are coming out of an age of duality represented by the fish swimming in opposite directions, and moving into the age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment an increased consciousness. As this change occurs, we will be more and more able to see the illusion of the darkness, and understand how it was all just tricks of light and shadow which have kept us from seeing that there is no darkness.

Seeing the light in all situations requires that one develop new technology, new eyes with which to see, which will allow one to see more spectrums of light. Fortunately, one can actually do that.

One technology to do that begins with manipulating viewpoint, so let’s discuss that a bit more. Viewpoint, as we stated, is the position in space from which one views something. It is when the viewpoint is taken to higher points that one begins to find understanding.

I am talking about actual physical position in space. Your actual physical position in space can determine how you feel, or what you believe, about something whether it is true or not. Now, wait a minute, you say. My beliefs are based on what I have learned and been told, not by “my position in space!”. Really? You think so?

Let’s define this a little better because it took me a long time to really GET this point. I couldn’t understand this point. I, too, thought that our truth was determined by what we are taught and what we have experienced. How could ACTUAL PHYSICAL LOCATION have anything to do with it. But it was important to get this point because it would help explain how two people could both look at the same item, or issue, and see two different things, and how PERCEPTION is TRUTH to them.

When I finally wrapped my head around this concept, it was mind blowing; and it helped to dissipate a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Once I had it, I knew I could demonstrate it.

I used to do a demonstration with my staff about viewpoint in which I would hold up a book of matches or a credit card. I would ask them to tell me what color it was and then I would briefly argue with them telling them how they are all crazy and it was a completely different color altogether. After a brief interchange when they were all looking at me like I was crazy, I would ask them to move around to where I was and view the object from where I was viewing it, and they could then see I was not crazy, I was just looking at it from a different viewpoint. It was an easy demonstration that just because you can’t see what the other person is seeing, or saying, does not mean they are wrong. From their POINT OF VIEW, they were right, but then again, so were you from yours.

So, there are Gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, and radio waves, all forms of light, all in the invisible spectrum, unseen by us, but still there never the less.

Invisible light spectrum graph photo

With some other new technology we may someday be able to see all the light spectrums, not just our current visible light spectrum. Currently, using technology, we can already see certain invisible spectrums.

What we would see if we could see radio light.

What we would see if we could see radio light.

Using certain equipment, certain fields of light are now visible that were not before. With new increases in technology and consciousness, we may in the future, see all light.

Science is also discovering the more spiritual bands of light and energy with experiments, theories, and breakthroughs in the areas of spooky matter, water consciousness, Schumann resonance, the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci sequence, sacred geometry, and the God particle.

For us, in the case of matters of the heart, as consciousness increases, one is able to see the light more and more. One begins to see the light in some of the darkest situations and people, as one begins to view these people and situations through a different spiritual lens. One develops this lens as he begins to view things, again, from a much higher perspective.

Reaching a higher perspective requires action and shifts in consciousness. It requires giving up long held beliefs that one now is beginning to see as false, even when doing so is scary. Ideas of condemnation like “war”, “I’m right and your wrong” and “everyone who doesn’t believe what I believe is evil and is going to hell”. What used to pass for acceptable no longer holds water. One must open one’s mind to the truth. God said “For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.” and one cannot see or hear anything with their head in the sand, or in isolation from “all the sinners”.

It is no longer enough to claim a religion, and still call for war, or support a suppressive government. One must take personal responsibility for the world in which one lives. One must cease supporting suppressive governments, corporations, people, or places. One must find out what is happening in the world and get involved, instead of keeping his head in the sand. Pretending that you care while not ACTUALLY doing something to make the world a better place, or even finding out what the truth really is, will no longer work.

One must look. One must search. One must seek out the truth. We must wake up and begin to look outside, turn off the TV, listen to our kids, and talk to our neighbors. We must educate ourselves, watch documentaries and alternative news sources. We are to be “seekers of truth”, not slaves to fear. The joy of the reward will be a triumph when “thine eyes have seen and thine ears have heard”

When one moves into a higher consciousness, he has ACTUALLY MOVED. He has changed his actual location.

It is not an easy journey in consciousness to reach a place high enough to see the light in the “bad things” and “bad people”, just an extremely rewarding one. Reconciling what one sees with his eyes and what one cannot readily see, can be challenging, but immensely rewarding too.

To get into the space where on is able to move to a higher viewpoint, one must abandon fear. Fear is the chains of a slave. You are a master, made in God’s image, an all powerful immortal being, so calm down, and fear not. All will be well.

When you begin to view this life as the blip in your time track that it really is, you begin to view things from that higher viewpoint, and things do not seem to be so difficult. You must view your life as a spiritual journey, and make your considerations based on the whole of your spiritual life, not just this one human life, this one human experience is not the sum of your existence, it’s more like just a bad day.

The secret that has been kept from you your whole life is that you are an all powerful immortal being. They can’t kill you and they can’t even hide you for very long. You are a scary prospect for them, which is why they work so very hard to keep you pinned to the lower viewpoint, and thus the lower realms, but this is not where you belong.

The kingdom of heaven is upon you, if you can but reach up to it. Reach high, aim for heaven and keep going. When you get there, I promise that things will look very different than they do on the ground.

When you view things from this altitude, you begin to see the illusions, the tricks of light and shadow that have enslaved you, and you begin to really feel and understand your power. You are no longer looking at everything from the viewpoint of a slave, you begin seeing things from the viewpoint of a master. It’s like looking at the horizon from the ground and seeing that it appears to trail off and end at some point up ahead; but viewing it from a hundred miles out in space, it looks very different indeed. One can see the truth of it’s vast expanse, and all the beauty and wonder it holds. One can see the world and this one life as what it is, just a blip in your time track, not the entirety of it.

When you view things from this perspective, you begin to see the light in places you could not before. You can find new viewpoints and perspectives from which to view people, places and things, which were not before available, you develop new skills, abilities and tools; and you begin to see the truth.

The truth is that you are an immortal, all powerful, spiritual being made in God’s image. With unlimited potential and amazing abilities. If you can’t see that, if you can’t feel it with every fiber of your being, you just have to get to higher ground, because you just can’t see that kind of stuff from the ground, it takes a higher elevation to bring it fully into view.

So we can see that VIEWPOINT determines a lot of what we understand, and HOW we understand it. From our viewpoint, perhaps just now we cannot see all the spectrums of light, but that does not mean they do not exist; and where you see darkeness, there may be more light than you ever imagined.

I would like to thank my friend Marcus Campbell for opening my eyes and helping me make sense of this confusing subject. Thanks Marcus!

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