Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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– Posted in: Science/Energy
Geckskin samples photo

Inspired by Gecko lizards, GeckSkin is the future of adhesives. Developed at UMass Amherst, GeckSkin is super strong, yet removable and reusable. It’s really quite a remarkable, yet simple, discovery. The concept was based on the physiology of the Gecko, when it was discovered that beneath the ridges of the skin of their toe pads, which were thought to be the reason for the Gecko’s sticking ability, were the tendons, which when used in conjunction with the ridges, produces the super strong gripping ability. The ridges cause the grip, and the tendons cause the strength in this mechanism.

Geckskin is made pretty simply by making a synthetic rubber pad, and then fusing it with a strong, stiff carbon fiber, Kevlar, or other fabric.

Initially, a small index-card sized piece of GeckSkin placed on a smooth surface could hold up to 700 pounds and then be easily removed leaving no residue, and reused again and again. Eventually, researchers made improvements making it possible to use GeckSkin on a wider range of surfaces such as drywall, wood, and metal. Wow, gotta get me some GeckSkin.

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