Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Positive Technology – Hope for the Future

– Posted in: Science/Energy

Technology can be seen as a natural outgrowth from Mother Nature. It has much potential to do good things. Buckminster-Fuller is right, we do have the means now to alleviate suffering on a major scale. Standing in the way is war, fear, mistrust and doubt. These are only self perpetuating emotional reactions, that one can easily solve by focusing on the good, just long enough to believe in the dream.


Technology originates in the imagination. A good heart will manifest good tools. That is not not say that good tools cannot be used by the not so good hearts, and one must be vigilant, but the good in all seems to be manifesting at an astounding rate right now.

Here are just two scientific and technological discoveries that will help mankind.

Rewriting genetic information to prevent disease

For the last few years, scientists have been studying an ancient but only recently understood mechanism of bacterial immunity that has the potential to provide immeasurable benefits to plant and animal health.

The phenomenon known as CRISPR (for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a natural immune system found in many bacteria with the ability to identify and destroy the genomes of invading viruses and plasmids.

Researchers are trying to harness this system for gene editing and regulation, a process that could transform “the genome of plants or animals in ways that will improve their health, or introduce genetic changes that will resist disease of climate change,” says Jennifer Doudna, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and professor of biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology at the University of California, Berkeley. “The explosion of research using this technique has been amazing.”

Check out the full article here.

Quenching the world’s water and energy crises, one tiny droplet at a time

In pursuit of beetle biomimicry, NSF-funded engineers develop new, textured materials to trap and channel small amounts of liquid.

“The developments have enabled us to create devices–devices with the potential to help humanity–that do things much better than have ever been done before,” he says.

With all these cross-country efforts, many are optimistic for a future where people in dry areas can harvest fresh water from a morning wind, and lower their energy needs dramatically.

Full article here.

As science moves forward, new and better ways of dealing with things will continue to be presenting themselves at faster and faster rates, and that is RealGoodNews indeed!

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