Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Private Science Revolution

– Posted in: Science/Energy
Gerald H Pollack photo

Lately the world has begun to undergo radical changes, and revolution is breaking out everywhere. One of those revolutions was started by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, PhD., who founded The Institute for Venture Science. The Institute For Venture Science is a revolutionary leap in scientific funding which promises innovation, adventure, and excitement.

IVS is a private scientific funding group that encourages out of the box thinking and research. Their website states “The Institute for Venture Science (IVS) will fund high-risk, non-traditional scientific inquiries that may produce fundamental breakthroughs. We identify the most promising challenges to prevailing paradigms, and then fund multiple research groups simultaneously for each selected challenge.” (Emphasis added)

The organization was apparently formed as a solution to the many complaints of scientists today who feel pressures to deliver the “right” scientific conclusions according to funding needs, and those who feel the frustration of having their findings altered, skewed, or suppressed; and the complaints of the public that publicly funded science is always locked up and made inaccessible by academia and publishing interests. Their website further states “human existence faces unprecedented threats: dwindling energy resources; diminishing supplies of potable water; increasing incidence of chronic disease; etc. Practical solutions have always come from scientific breakthroughs: e.g., the antibiotic addressed the problem of bacterial disease; the discovery of electricity solved the problem of worldwide communication. More than ever, the world needs revolutionary breakthroughs to break the logjam of existential crises that threaten our survival.

By fostering breakthroughs, the IVS will enrich the world with fresh vision, and help create viable solutions for today‚Äôs seemingly intractable problems.”

IVS is a very interesting and important endeavor in opening up a brighter future to everyone, not just the Universities, corporations or the “privileged few”, which has been the case in the past. Scientific breakthroughs do foster practical solutions to difficult problems, and Dr. Pollack has devised a way to significantly change the game.

Although the IVS does not currently fund for technology development, focusing on “testable hypotheses of fundamental scientific concepts, rather than on development of technology”, they certainly understand that the hypotheses proven may lead to technological developments, but I can’t imagine it will be long before they, or someone else, will be funding technology development in this new, revolutionary way.

For those who are interested in funding scientific research, I couldn’t imagine any better place to do it than with IVS. This fascinating venture certainly opens the door to more free, open and honest science, and it will be interesting to see what comes from the Institute in the future.

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